Urban Jungle Bloggers | DIY Hanging Air Plants

Happy Tuesday, friends. In the spirit of 'better late than never', I'm delighted to share my contribution to the prompt for February's Urban Jungle Blogger posts - hanging plants. While I've had the project on my to-do list since I received the email way back when, various events have meant that I've only just completed it. 

Delays aside, I am so chuffed with it and the dash of green life it has added to our bathroom. As I mentioned in my previous Urban Jungle Blogger post here, I confessed how succulents and cacti are taking over our home, as they are so easy to care for and bring much life and cheer to any space. But, another plant variety recently caught my eye, and I just had to bring them into our home. Air plants are a miracle. Not needing to be rooted in water or soil, they appear to exist of air alone (they actually don't, but more on that later). Jolly clever, I think you'll agree. 

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Air Plants | Gathered Cheer

Since they don't love dry environments, I figured the best place for them would be our bathroom. In the bathroom they benefit from shower steam as well as looking sweet on an otherwise plain white wall. And as my copper obsession is showing no signs of abating, I thought I'd tweak a rail from ikea to hang them on. 

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Air Plants | Gathered Cheer

If you fancy making your own rail of hanging air plants, here's what you need:

A rail and hooks (I opted for this rail and these hooks) | Copper spray paint | Copper couplers (such as these, which I used) | Copper wire | Air plants | Drill | Hacksaw 


  1. Spray the rail and hooks with the copper spray paint. It helps to do this either outside or in a cardboard box, to keep things tidy.
  2. Cut one of your copper couplers in half using a hacksaw (and by fixing it first in a vice to keep your fingers safe!) This is an optional step, I just chose to do it to add a little variety to the hanging copper pieces.
  3. Secure your copper couplers in a vice and drill two holes, one either side, at the top of each coupler.
  4. Thread wire or twine through the holes in the copper couplers, knotting or twisting in place, to create a hanging loop.
  5. Hang these on each of the hooks, on the rail.
  6. Add an air plant in each copper coupler and hey presto - you have an air plant display! 

It's important to note that air plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consider checking the size of your plants, before you buy your copper fittings to ensure a happy fit. 

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Air Plants | Gathered Cheer

Once they are hung up, it's handy to know how to care for your new green babies. Air plants, also known at tillandsia, are pretty easy to look after, but won't survive on air alone. It's recommended that they are placed away from direct sunlight and heat sources (so, definitely not next to a radiator). But they do like bright, light spaces. So far, mine seem to be thriving in the bathroom - where they can enjoy the steam from our showers. Once a week I also give them a little bath in the sink, ensuring that they dry off afterwards to prevent any rot. If I didn't do this, a quick spritz of water a few times a week would also do the trick. I'm so impressed with how easy they are to keep happy, and every time I pass the bathroom, seeing them on the wall makes me smile!

Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Air Plants | Gathered Cheer
Urban Jungle Bloggers | Hanging Air Plants | Gathered Cheer

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