Snapshots from the summer

Hello friends. My, where has the time gone? I haven't blogged since the end of June - oops! What with a fair amount of personal stuff going on and the summer holidays too - which took us to Greece and France and Devon (lucky us, I know) - the days just flew by and the blog break, though totally unintentional, has done me good. Now it's September, my birthday has been and gone and a new term is upon us I feel rested and finally ready to get my head back in the game.

Rather than crashing straight in with business as usual I thought it would be fun to share some snapshots from the summer. It's been a wonderful time, full of trips to see friends and family, along with some fun blogging events too! That said, it still feels (at least here in London) that summer is still very much with us, as the temperatures are soaring and the sun is shining. You'll find no complaints here.


Travels - home and away // 



This year we were thrilled to be able to return to the same spot we visited last year, the beautiful Lefkada island in Greece. It was a special time away celebrating my mum and dad-in law and both of their birthdays and their wedding anniversary too. The whole Garner clan had plenty of time to enjoy time together - eating, swimming, exploring and of course doing a whole lot of sunbathing. (Admiteddly not me, factor 50 and shade are my best friends...)

One thing I kept meaning to do last year was to capture the sunrise in all its glory, and this year, armed with my trusty tripod I managed it. It didn't disappoint.


It's always a joy to visit Devon and the many friends and family who call it home. A flying visit, we made the most of the sunshine on a day trip out to the beach at South Milton. We also benefited from the fruits of the family garden - my freezer is now full of frozen plums waiting patiently for me to figure out what to make.

South Milton Sands, Devon // Gathered Cheer blog



You know you're at your home from home when you barely take a single photo, right? Well, on this short trip to visit my parents in France (they were there for a nice long summer holiday) I didn't even take one photo. It's a beautiful place to be sure, but relaxing in the sun and chatting to mum and dad was my priority and it was refreshing to have a break from taking photos. 


Blog events //


The White Company - Summer Entertaining

I was invited, along with a friendly group of bloggers, to a summer party hosted by The White Company all the way back in May. It was as you'd imagine the most beautiful event, dressed to perfection. Held at Eltham Palace (which I'd never previously visited, I will be back!) the sun shone, cocktails flowed and we had all the hearts eyes for the many White Company pieces. 

Here's a little video from the afternoon...

Gathered Cheer Socials

Two more of these lovely gatherings happened over the summer, hosted by some brilliant people. I had such fun that I'm going to make sure I blog about them both soon as we visited so many great places that I think you'd like to hear more about. 

The first was held in Faversham, and was hosted by illustrator and surface pattern designer Kate Clarke. Having never been to Faversham I was totally smitten by the charm and character on every street. Here's just a few snaps - more to follow! The shed pictured is Kate's - isn't it amazing?

Faversham Gathered Cheer Social // Gathered Cheer Blog
Faversham Gathered Cheer Social // Gathered Cheer Blog
Faversham Gathered Cheer Social // Gathered Cheer Blog
Faversham Gathered Cheer Social // Gathered Cheer Blog

The second social was hosted by Amy at Daisy Fay Interiors and Soumya from Made by Molu. They'd planned a fun photowalk around east London, taking in all the essential sights with plenty of time for snacks of course (bagels!). It was such a lovely walk with a great group of women, and Soumya even printed out a little map/guide for us. I'll be sure to share our east London must-visits soon. 

There are two more socials in the diary, so if you fancy joining us in Bristol on October 8th, click here to find out more and book your place! 

And that friends brings us up to date! It's been a busy few months, but they have been so enjoyable and it's made me realise that taking breaks away from the everyday are a wonderful way to recharge and gain perspective. 

Here's to the fast-approaching autumn season - I for one can't wait to enjoy watching the leaves turn and the sunlight show of its warm golden tones. I trust it will be a brilliant one for you, too!