The Year in Books | May 2016

Oops. Sharing this post on May 23rd could be considered a little late - as it now gives me little more than a week to speed read my book for the month. But, never one to shy away from a challenge (and with a bank holiday ahead this weekend) I think I can get the job done! The task of reading a new (to me) book per month seemed so easy at first, but only now am I beginning to understand how intentional I need to be to make sure I make the time to read.

A typical freelance day looks like this - 

...wake, iPhone scrolling, breakfast, shower, iPhone scrolling, write to-do list, gym workout, blog jobs, tidy up, procrastinate, break for lunch, blog jobs, iPhone scrolling, think about dinner, make dinner, clean up after dinner, remember missed items on to-do list, rush around doing forgotten tasks, iPhone scrolling + netflix, brush teeth, wash face, in bed, iPhone scrolling, sleep...

On the few occasions this month that I've switched my bedtime routine around (whereby I put my phone down and picked my book up for a good thirty minute read before bed), I've fallen asleep much quicker and slept much better than other nights. So, I'm determined to continue with this routine shake up. (More to come on another blog post soon) That said, it could also be that in last month's book, The Year of the Hare - filled with farcical adventures and light-hearted warmth - made for the perfect pre-bed book. It was such a short book, and a joy to read from start to finish. 

The Year in Books - May 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog

The story follows journalist, Kaarlo Vatanen, as he embarks on an adventure across the Finnish wilderness with a hare he finds and cares for after his colleague hits it with his car. Leaving his life behind him - wife, job and all - Vatanen and the hare find themselves in bewildering and hilarious situations, one after another. Each new chapter brings with it a new darkly humous escapade involving different fascinating characters of varying degrees of morality and vagrancy. It was a light read, full of tall tales which kept the pace quick and the pages interesting. Reading it with a map of Finland beside me could have proved useful, to get a clearer sense of where their travels took them - right around the country and back again probably!

And so, with a few days to go I'm pleased to share my new book - The Fly Trap, by Fredrik Sjöberg. 

"Frederik Sjöberg finds happiness in the little things. Millions of them, in fact. This beguiling bestseller tells the story of his obbession with collecting hoverflies. It is also a unique meditation on life: living on a remote Swedish island, blissful long summer nights, lost love, unexpected treasures, art, nature, slowness and how freedom can come from the things we least expect."

Taking my Nordic reading challenge from Finland to Sweden; I'm excited to continue the focus on nature and the wild. I'll be back shortly to let you know how I got on! 


The year in books is a project initiated by the lovely Laura at Circle of Pine TreesClick here to find out more, or search #theyearinbooks on instagram or twitter.

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