Happy Plants

Our green friends have seen a popularity surge of late, and I for one am thrilled about it. Plants bring so much life to any space - so whether you add air plants to your bathroom or succulents to your bedside, every little bit of green helps. For a long time I shied away from plants, in favour of the much more manageable freshly cut flowers, since keeping them alive seemed impossible. My poor track record meant I saw each new plant as a bit of a challenge. I gave each my best shot, watering more (or less) and giving them less direct light (or more). But persevering has meant that now I am a proud and fully signed up plant mama. Our house now has green babies in most rooms, and so far there haven't been any casualties. Phew. My biggest victory to date was finding a fiddle leaf fig plant for the princely sum of £10 - such a bargain for what is a beautiful and bold plant that now takes pride of place in our sitting room. You can get a peek of it in all its glory here.

Happy plants with Homebase | Gathered Cheer blog

Beyond looking lovely, plants really do change the atmosphere in a room. They remove toxins from the air and can help to level up any moisture imbalances too. According to this super handy life improvement guide from Homebase, (see more life improvement guides here), the best plants to remove toxins include ferns, ivies, peace lilies and palms. They're also wonderfully calming, bringing with them a sense of freshness to a room that seems to encourage you to stop and breathe. I for one need the constant reminder to do this.

Happy plants with Homebase | Gathered Cheer blog

l-r: Dracaena warneckii | Leopard lily in anthrazit pot | Maidenhair fern in dark grey ripple pot | Calathea in leaf embossed pot | air plant on stool | trailing ivy on wall

If you are looking to add some green life to your home here are some ideas to get you started...


Rather than picking a single type, try blending different types of plants in a single space. For my arrangement here, in my sunny bathroom, I picked the more structural and bold XX and matched it with a soft fern and two XX. Showing off a range of structures, size of leaves and colours makes for so much more interest. 

Happy plants with Homebase | Gathered Cheer blog
Happy plants with Homebase | Gathered Cheer blog


Show of each little leaf to its best advantage by hanging plants and displaying them at different levels. It will make for a brilliant arrangement that catches the eye. Thanks to the super trend that is macramé, hanging plants has never been more on-trend. (Well, since the 70s...) There are lots of super easy tutorials online to teach yourself how to knot like a pro. Or just follow my example and hang a little ivy plant by simple wrapping a length of twine around its pot, and then threading two strands up from the base of the pot, and through the wrapped around twine. So easy and effective!


You wouldn't put a sweater in the wash without checking its label, and the same principle goes for your green friends. Some like bright sunshine, others indirect light. Some like to be fed daily, while others prefer once a week. When you pick plants in store, have a read of the label first to check it fits with what you're looking for and then you can be sure you'll have a happy, long-living plant. 

Happy plants with Homebase | Gathered Cheer blog


You can make a statement depending on the kind of pot you pair with your plant. Go mismatched, pairing bright hues or keep it simple with a single colour - each will create a different feeling. I stayed true to my white and grey obsession by mixing up simple grey pots, on both matte and shiny textures with the oh-so sweet leaf embossed pot. The result is a happy scene in my bathroom, where the pared back pots allow the beauty of the leaves to take centre stage.

Happy plants with Homebase | Gathered Cheer blog

Are you a plant mama? Do you have any secrets to picking plants, or for keeping them alive? Let me know below, or find me on instagram!


This post was written in collaboration with Homebase, a store I visit more than can be considered healthy, and for it I was given this happy plant family. All opinions are of course my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Gathered Cheer going. 

Photo credits // All shot and styled by Ruth Garner for Gathered Cheer