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The bedroom. If yours is anything like ours it acts as a slightly unloved, multi-purpose room - at once being a dumping ground (the laundry airer doesn't fit anywhere else), a work place (the bed is a cosy spot) and a storage room. Never mind actually trying to sleep in there. I often find it hard to sleep anyway - I wish I was one of those 'can sleep in cars, on planes and on the sofa' people, but unless it is a) quiet b) pitch black and c) not to hot I find it tricky to nod off. So it makes sense then, that I put some effort into creating a happy, peaceful and minimal room. My sleep cycle will be sure to thank me...

A beautifully clutter-free and calming bedroom, snapped at the Makelight weekend away

A beautifully clutter-free and calming bedroom, snapped at the Makelight weekend away

As you'll have spotted in my previous post about industrial bedroom styling I'm hoping to have a bit of a shake up soon, to address some of the things I've been neglecting. It'll be all change around here when my lovely big bro moves out at the end of the month - London's loss is Sheffield's gain - but one thing I won't mind is that his attic bedroom will become B's and mine instead. Hello, peace and quiet at the top of the house. I have used his room a few times anyway as it photographs better than our own room, so when it is actually ours I'll feel less like I'm trespassing when wallpapering wardrobes! It's not huge, but it has a super wardrobe in the eaves, and an en suite which I'm sure just needs some Aesop handwash adding to it. I'm hoping the move upstairs will inspire us to pare back so we can create a calming space fit for relaxing and sleeping in. As part of this bedroom dreaming I had a think about my main priorities for the room and here are my non-negotiables...



The first (somewhat obvious) essential is of course a bed. Our current bed is a rather traditional looking one, that used to be that attractive shade of orange pine, but now has been painted white. While it is perfectly fine, I'd love something a little more minimal - perhaps like this one from Furniture Village. I like the idea of having a much smaller bedframe, without too much fussy detail - and a headboard which is gently padded would make sitting up and reading in bed all the nicer. Then it's just a case of adding some dreamy linen and blankets, the softer the better.

Scandinavian bedroom inspiration at Gathered Cheer blog - photo credit Johanne Dueholm at www.scandinavianlovesong.com


On a constant mission to reduce clutter, I am generally a fan of wardrobes for clothes storage, but I am slowly coming around to the idea of clothes rails. While I suspect they only really work if you have a beautiful edit of coordinating clothes, rather than a mismatch of colours and misshapen items, a rail could be a useful way to plan the following day's clothes and accessories - hanging them ready for the morning rush.

Bedroom inspiration on Gathered Cheer blog - photo shot and styled by Holly Marder on Avenue Lifestyle


At the moment we have pretty functional bedside lamps, but I really like the look of the exposed bulbs hung at each side of the bed, like the one below. There is something effortlessly stylish about them, and they are super practical too. Perfect for reading in bed. Even better, I could incorporate a dimmer switch to keep the ambience calm and peaceful.

Bedroom inspiration | Gathered Cheer blog - photo by Jakob Nylund at blog.formconspiracy.se


Who doesn't love a chair in the bedroom? While they likely become an extra wardrobe of sorts, they are so handy for those times when you want to relax and read, but don't really fancy snuggling in bed. All I'd add to the chair below is a soft sheepskin, to introduce more texture and cosiness to the otherwise minimal room. Other bedroom furniture includes night stands, dressing tables and consoles. Of course all of this depends on the space you have, as to what you incorporate into the room. The key here is to only bring in the furniture you need, to avoid the room becoming crowded. For me, the idea I find most appealing is making furniture work hard - so my dressing table also doubles up as an extra work space, and my bedside table is brilliant hidden storage unit for my stacks of magazines.

Minimal bedroom inspiration - Gathered Cheer blog | Photo by Jeltje Janmaat on VTVonen


While the idea of billowy white or grey curtains, blowing in a gentle summer breeze is definitely one I can get on board with, waking at sunrise with blinding light streaming in at 5am is no fun. So, to enjoy the best of both worlds - pitch black sleeping, with soft drapes - I'm looking to hang blackout blinds in our loft room. That way, floaty light curtains can also be hung, but more to soften the overall look of the room, rather than for any practical light blocking reason.

Bedroom inspiration on Gathered Cheer blog - photo via Esny.se


As with any room, it's the little details that make a bedroom feel extra special. Artwork, leafy urban jungles and pretty beauty essentials all bring life and inject personality. My own plant family is growing significantly (more on this in an upcoming blog post) so making space for them in our room is high on the agenda. I've also amassed a fair few inexpensive prints, which I can't wait to pick and choose from to hang around the room. It's also fun to mix and match these finishing touches, refreshing them every few months or so, depending on the season and your preference at the time. It's a great way to update the look and feel of the bedroom without spending a fortune.

Scandinavian bedroom inspiration at Gathered Cheer blog - photo credit Johanne Dueholm at www.scandinavianlovesong.com
Bedroom inspiration on Gathered Cheer blog - photo of art by Silke Bonde, photographed by Enok Holsegaard





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