The Year in Books | March 2016

Hello, friends. I'm back today with my March pick for The Year in Books. As you may remember, for my first year taking part in this lovely project I have decided to go on a Nordic adventure -each book I pick is set in one of the beautiful countries that I am so desperate to visit. February's book choice was Out Stealing Horses, by Per Petterson and what a beautiful book it was. First I have to admit it did take me a litle while to get into it since I really wasn't prepared for the detailed insight into old Norweigan farming practices, nor the long and meandering sentences. But once I'd adjusted to the melancholy pace of the book, I soon found myself captivated. Set in Norway, the book focusses on 67-year-old Trond, a widower who moves to a remote part of the country to live out his remaining days in solitude. Skipping between Trond's narration of the present and the past (as a 15 year-old in the summer of 1948) the chapters beautifully contrast with one another, highlighting the many changes that ageing brings. It's an intriguing tale as you find yourself learning more about the summer of 1948 - a summer that changed Trond's family forever. Having read very few books focused on family from a father and son perspective, this was both refreshing and insightful. Petterson captures both the youth and vigour (and surliness) of a 15-year-old so well, and narrates the thoughts of a 60-something in the autumn of his life just as deftly. Out Stealing Horses was a surprising hit for me, and one I'm so glad I picked and persevered with!

And now onto March - Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name, by Vendela Vida...

The Year in Books - March 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog

I'll let the book blurb give us all some hints about the book:

On the day of her father's funeral, twenty-eight-year-old Clarissa Iverton discovers that he wasn't her biological father after all. Her mother disappeared fourteen years earlier, and her fiance has just revealed a life-changing secret to her. Alone and adrift, Clarissa travels to mystical Lapland, where she believes she'll meet her real father. There, at a hotel made of ice, Clarissa is confronted with the truth about her mother's history, and must make a decision about how and where to live the rest of her life.

I'll be back next month to let you know how I got on! 

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Photo shot and styled by Ruth Garner for Gathered Cheer