Rustic meets Minimal with One World Trading

I've written a fair bit about our living room of late - our new armchairs and its cosy spots for relaxing amongst other things - and now we have some lovely new additions to the space, thanks to One World Trading Company. This room is now my absolute favourite in the house, as it feels so lovely, light and welcoming. Rather than going for new furniture and accessories which fit completely with the room (white, bright, minimal, Scandi-inspired) I picked a few pieces which looked more rustic. 

One World Trading Company were totally new to me, but I've been so impressed with the product range (full of items designed and developed totally by them) and the price and quality of each piece. It's also refreshing to see that charity work plays a big part of their story.

Rustic meets Scandi with One World Trading | Gathered Cheer blog

Cue our new pieces - the Brookby coffee table, the portal mirror and the metal lattice lantern. To celebrate these new lovely pieces, I've written a few tips about pairing the Scandi and rustic styles together over on the One World blog - nip over here to have a read!

Rustic meets Scandi with One World Trading | Gathered Cheer blog

The coffee table could be considered a tiny bit big for our space, but it's so beautiful I don't mind one bit. It's the sort of coffee table that has heaps of space for pretty things, but also for cups of tea. It's also super solid, while being amazingly light - it's the fir wood that I've got to thank for that! And, with a potential home renovation in the offing (anyone want to come and knock down the wall between our living and dining room?!) I'm convinced it'll fit with our space for years to come. I so love that it is unfinished wood. Beautifully rustic, but right at home among the white, grey and pastels of our living room. 

Rustic meets Scandi with One World Trading | Gathered Cheer blog

It's such a joy of an evening the light all the candles along the table, including the amazing lantern, it creates such a sense of cosiness - or 'hygge' - if I were actually Scandinavian. I'm picturing it set up for a relaxed dinner - cushions scattered around it's base, table filled with food and surrounded by a few of my nearest and dearest. Perfect.

The mirror too has been a revelation. Having never really bought a mirror before, save for a little one on my dressing table, I'm amazed at what a change it's made in the room. Painted white wood, with a fun portal design it is a statement piece and it bounces so much light around making it as practical as it is pretty.

Rustic meets Scandi with One World Trading | Gathered Cheer blog

What do you think of pairing rustic and Scandi styles? Have you blended different styles for a more relaxed, eclectic look in your home? I'd love to hear all about it!


All photos shot and styled by Ruth for Gathered Cheer

This post was written in collaboration with One World Trading Company, a brand I am super impressed with. For this post I was gifted the furniture and accessories. All opinions are of course my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help to keep Gathered Cheer going!