Industrial bedroom styling

While I am pretty much sold out on Scandinavian design and interiors, there is a part of me that is always drawn to industrial styled rooms . I suspect it's on account of the texture; all the reclaimed wood and mixed metals, combined with the bedroom essentials (duvets, pillows, cushions and rugs) makes for a beautifully tactile room. Perfect for lazy lounging. And the colour palettes which sit well with industrial and metallic elements appeal too - hello grey, blush pink and white...

Three must-haves for a cosy, industrial bedroom (with Out & Out Original) | Gathered Cheer blog

I thought it would be fun to have a go at bringing a touch of the industrial into a bedroom at home, with the help of the brilliant store, Out & Out Original. Once again, I decided to take over my brother's room (remember when I wallpapered his wardrobe?). It's such a nice space, and photographs better than my own bedroom, so anytime he goes away I snap up the chance to style it up my way. (Sorry Ian!) 

To get some inspiration I had a little look on Pinterest, and began to see a theme emerging. As you can see from my board below, anything light and bright or grey gets my vote...

As you can see in the board above, there are a few common denominators in industrial spaces:

  • Unfinished, reclaimed wood 
  • Raw metal (steel, iron etc)
  • Soft, worn leather 
  • Exposed lightbulbs
  • A raw, undone feel

To usher in a little industrial style to the room I picked the brilliant gooseneck table lamp and the Briggs adjustable stool, both from Out & Out Original. The stool is genius, and so so practical. I love that the height is adjustable and it's perfect for sitting on or for using as a side table or night stand, as I did here. The steel frame of the stool and the exposed bulb and wire look of the lamp both give a nod to the industrial without being too raw - and they work brilliantly in a cosy and bright bedroom. 

Three must-haves for a cosy, industrial bedroom (with Out & Out Original) | Gathered Cheer blog

Industrial interiors are all about texture and a slightly undone look. But in a bedroom to avoid it feeling cold and clinical (too much metal could be a bit chilly!) why not try to experiment with the following: 

Play with colour | Soft colours, like grey, blush pink and of course white offer a happy balance to heavier tones of metal and wood. Even if you don't have much colour on your walls or in your home accessories, a vase of cheerful and soft blooms will do the job just as well. 

Play with texture | Unfinished metal, reclaimed wood and wire-wrapped bulbs look incredible, but can appear a little stark if left untempered. By introducing softer textures, such as woollen throws, plump cushions and soft duvets you will be sure to keep things looking (and feeling) super cosy.

Play with lighting | Bare bulbs are so pretty and so practical, but sometimes can be a little bright and not all that cosy. Combine different lighting sources to bring a sense of warmth - anything from a little tea-light (like my favourite one pictured), to fairy lights will look lovely alongside an exposed bulb table lamp.

Three must-haves for a cosy, industrial bedroom (with Out & Out Original) | Gathered Cheer blog

I was delighted with this gentle foray into industrial styling. Now to recreate it in my own bedroom... What do you think of the look? Is the industrial trend something you'd want to bring into your own home? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me!

Three must-haves for a cosy, industrial bedroom (with Out & Out Original) | Gathered Cheer blog


Photo credit // All images and video shot and styled by Ruth Garner

The stool and lamp were a kind gift from Out & Out Original, a company I love. Thank you for supporting the companies I work with that keep Gathered Cheer going!