Styling the Seasons | February 2016


"The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring"

                                                                                                                              - Bern Williams 

Ah Spring. You're nearly here, and my goodness I'm ready for you. While it's been a remarkably warm winter (although these past few days there has been a definite chill in the air), there is something so wonderful and heartening about spring. Days filled with bright sunshine, that in turn causes buds to break up and out of the earth below. Blossom laden branches bend with the breeze and tumble down, scattering a carpet of pink and white. It's moments like these that I try to breathe in as often and as long as possible. Now, please bear with me, I know we're not quite there yet - but with this unseasonable warmth, so many blooms are peeking out a little earlier than usual. And for me no tree can rival the beauty of the magnolia. It's the tree I picture when I close my eyes and think of the 'perfect, forever home'. It sits in my fictional, dream garden - all resplendent in its soft white glory. Until then, I content myself with branch offcuts, sat in a vase in my sitting room. Each morning since we've had it I've been greeted with a newly opened bud, which has brought such life and light to our home. 

Styling the Seasons - February 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog

After a fairly challenging month or so, it feels like our blooming branch represents something more than I can easily articulate in words. The ground is hard, and life can seem pretty dry - but look a little closer and hope is beginning to sink its roots down, down, down. Until you hardly realise but you find yourself joyful in the midst of painful moments. Because, deep down your roots cling to life, hope and peace. Beauty bursting forth from ashes. Buds from bare branches. 

Styling the Seasons - February 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog
Styling the Seasons - February 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog

Aside from all the thoughts and feelings that are wrapped up in the branches of the magnolia tree, I'm also cheered that styling the seasons at home is often so much easier than I think. It really does only take a branch in vase to change a corner of your home, to bring life to an otherwise blank space, to welcome in and celebrate the passing seasons. There's such a simplicity in just bringing the outside in.

And so, until I have a Magnolia tree in a garden to call my own, I will relish this pretty little branch - both for the life and hope it sparks in my mind and the effortless cheer it brings to an otherwise plain corner of my home.

Styling the Seasons - February 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog


Styling the Seasons is a project initiated by the lovely Katy at Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte at Lotts & Lots. Join in by blogging your own styled surface or by instagramming / tweeting a photo tagging it with #stylingtheseasons

All photos shot and styled by Ruth Garner for Gathered Cheer