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Happy Friday, lovelies! I'm delighted to be sharing a brand with you today, who not only produce beautiful products but have a wonderful social vision, too - Sukhi. Provenance is not always something we think about when sourcing interiors pieces - from rugs to furniture to accessories - but as I'm learning more and more, it really is so important. I'm really only at the beginning when it comes to finding out about making better, more ethical and wise purchases but I've been so encouraged seeing the work Sukhi does in their operating countries. If you know of any other interiors brands doing similar work do let me know, I'm so keen to find out more!

So to better introduce Sukhi and their beautiful rugs to you, I had a chat with founder Nasia Burnet... 

Sukhi rugs | Gathered Cheer blog

Please can you explain the social vision behind Sukhi?

The Sukhi brand has a social impact. Sukhi enables artisans to earn about two to three times the average regional pay. Makers can keep their children in school. They work from the comfort of their home. We ensure that artisans are treated fairly. At the same time, quality is never compromised. We believe that the talented people who make Sukhi rugs should have great pay and excellent working conditions. In this way, our customers can buy a beautiful rug while knowing that the artisan making it is being treated fairly. 

What countries are the artisans based in? 

In Nepal, India, Turkey and Morocco.

Sukhi rugs | Gathered Cheer blog

What do your artisans say about working for Sukhi?

The artisans who work for us live within walking distance of the workplaces. As soon as they are done making rugs, they bring the products back to the workplace. The majority of the artisans (mostly women) who work for us are illiterate, which makes them vulnerable, but by making rugs, they can take care of their children in addition to taking care of the housekeeping because they have the flexibility to work at the times that are best for them. The result is that they are able to live comfortably and can send their children to school. Take a look into the lives of three of our female craftsmen who live and work in Nepal. In this, you get to see how the purchase of a felt ball rug can make a positive contribution to a community...

In order to decrease the distance between the maker and the buyer, it's also possible to thank the maker: you can see the name of the woman who made your rug on its label, and contact them via email. 

How does the bulk order process work?

We make and ship our rugs in batches to offer customers the best price. If you don't want to miss out, order before the counter (on our homepage) hits zero.

Sukhi rugs | Gathered Cheer blog

Which is your favourite Sukhi rug? (Difficult to pick just one?!)

Ha, good question! And very difficult to answer... I would say the Beni Ourain rugs: the Malika is my favourite! I love the softness of the wool, the timelessness and the pureness of the rug. Definitely my number one! The finesse of the wool results in an extraordinary softness and sustainable product. The carpet is handwoven combined with the tribals, which makes it a unique piece of art.

What are your rug trend predictions for 2016? 

We are getting more and more conscious about living, it is no longer a trend, but a necessity. We will see that reflected in the 2016 rug trends: no mass production, but unique, handmade rugs that are made with love from natural materials. We want to be unique as a human, make our own choices - what we wear, eat and how we decorate our home says something about us. It's a way to show our own values through actions. Without using words. 

"We want to be unique as a human, make our own choices - what we wear, eat and how we decorate our home says something about usIt's a way to show our own values through actions. Without using words."

Sukhi rugs | Gathered Cheer blog

Are there any other countries where you'd like to see Sukhi rugs being made by local teams? 

Definitely, I love the handcrafts from Argentina because of the colours! There are so many talented artisans in the world, and we'd love to increase the Sukhi family. Did you know that Sukhi means happy? It is a common Nepali women's name: our rugs bring a smile on the faces of our customer, our artisans, and their children.

Thank you so much for your time, Nasia! 

For more information, and to see the lovely range of happy rugs be sure to head on over to Sukhi. I've already got my eye on the Naima rug... You can also find the lovely Sukhi instagram page here.



Photos all via Sukhi