Book Review: House of Plants

Another week, another lovely book to review - this time it's the turn of House of Plants, by Caro Langton and Rose Ray, with photographs by the brilliant Erika Rax. It's the most beautiful book, and one that I'd happily have on my coffee table to admire every day. Add to this the fact that it's full of super helpful and inspiring tips about caring for your succulent, air plant and cacti friends and you soon see that it's more than a pretty face. And since living with plant babies is growing ever more popular, this book has arrived at the perfect time. If you're anything like me you love the idea of having plants in every room of your house, but then find it much harder than expected to keep them happy and healthy. (Honestly, the number of plants I've killed is reaching epic proportions...) 

Book Review - House of Plants | Gathered Cheer blog

Now a fully fledged botanical styling duo - Caro and Rose's company Ro Co sells plants, holders and host workhops in their Tufnell Park shop, alongside their plant styling service. How awesome would it be to hire them to style up a wedding or party with all their botanical know-how? Knowing how far they've come, it was a treat to read more about how they began their journey, the story behind Ro Co and their philosophy that underpins it all. 

Book Review - House of Plants | Gathered Cheer blog / Photography © Erika Raxworthy

The book is a wonderful guide, filled with all the information you could need on caring for cacti, air plants, succulents and tropical plants - from pruning and watering to propagating and common ailments. All the guidance is clear but thorough, and I can see myself dipping in and out of the book as I learn more about the plants I have at home (and those I buy in the future). 

Alongside all the helpful hints and tips are stunning photographs taken by Erika Rax. These range from beautifully clear step-by-step shots (showing how to grow an avocado from its pit, for example), to beautiful images of plants around the home (a few of my favourites are featured in this post). As with any beautiful imagery, they really serve to bring the words to life and make all the advice so much clearer and easy to follow. I must also mention the illustrations by Alicia Galer. These are so lovely and add yet another dimension to the book.

Book Review - House of Plants | Gathered Cheer blog / Photography © Erika Raxworth

In addition to the no fuss advice that's on offer, the book also includes some simple but effective creative DIYs for readers to try. I quite fancy having a go at making my own coir and concrete plant pot, or perhaps a perfectly on trend macrame hanging planter. 

Book Review - House of Plants | Gathered Cheer blog / Photography © Erika Raxworth

A handy feature too, is the fairly long list of plant varieties that have their own information page. I immediately turned to the fiddle leaf fig page as we have our in our sitting room which seems happy enough, but I do constantly worry that I am over or under watering it. Reading clear advice on the best light, temperature, watering, feeding and repotting for it gave me some much needed reassurance. So far so good - maybe this plant is a keeper!

Book Review - House of Plants | Gathered Cheer blog / Photography © Erika Raxworth

A delight to read, this botanical book is as pretty as it is inspiring. Packed with advice on how to best encourage your plant friends to thrive, I know it'll help me as I tend to my own (ever growing) house of plants.


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Top photo is by Ruth for Gathered Cheer

House of Plants by Caro Langton & Rose Ray is published by Frances Lincoln (£20). All photography © Erika Raxworthy.