A Simple Sunday Supper

I love Sundays. In fact I'd go so far as to say it's my favourite day of the week. Especially since I began freelancing and don't have that 'dread' feeling in the pit of my stomach, anxious about what the new week might bring, that was such a big part of my office days now long gone. Nowadays, Sundays are filled with church, big lunches where everyone is welcome and cheese. Lots of cheese. Especially come supper time. Since we tend to have a big Sunday meal it makes sense to keep dinner light, and for me nothing beats the traditional cheese, cracker and chutney combo. Having such a savoury tooth this is actual heaven for me. 

A Simple Sunday Supper - Gathered Cheer blog

While we usually wolf supper down in front of the TV, I thought it would be more special to lay the table so that B and me could take the time to eat, chat and make our plans for the week. The goal was to keep it simple enough that it didn't take too long to prepare, but tempting enough to feel a bit like we were on a date. Creating a sharing platter on a simple ash board [mine is by LSA at Amara - how lovely is the leather and wood combo?] definitely ticked both boxes. Both pretty and practical and perfect for just us two. (Of course it would scale up beautifully with a larger board.) I added to this stemless wine glasses, simple linens, small plates - and of course couldn't resist popping a few blooms on the table too. Just add a jar of chutney and the scene is set.

A Simple Sunday Supper - Gathered Cheer blog

Here are a few tips if you want to create a sharing platter of your own...

+ Start with a little layer of rocket diagonally across the board.

+ Onto the rocket add your chosen cheeses. We plumped for a little camembert, some balsamic onion cheddar and a little wedge of Cornish yarg. You can put these out whole, or if you have a big block simply cut a few wedges and stack up as I did here.

+ Add a few crackers and breadsticks, adding a wrap of parma ham if you fancy.

+ Next up is fresh fruits, try figs and grapes and pop them in little clusters across the board. Cutting open the figs makes for an extra pretty scene.

+ Then simply fill in any gaps with your favourite nuts, I can't get enough of pistachios so I used these on our platter.

+ Sit back, admire the pretty food for as long as you can stand it and then tuck in!

A Simple Sunday Supper - Gathered Cheer blog
A Simple Sunday Supper - Gathered Cheer blog

As someone who loves all things homeware, one of my favourite things is glassware and ceramics. If I wasn't reined in I honestly would add to our collection most days. So, of course I'm delighted with our new stemless wine glasses. Handmade by the clever people at LSA (who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year), they are perfect for a fuss free Sunday supper where simplicity is the name of the game.

A Simple Sunday Supper - Gathered Cheer blog
A Simple Sunday Supper - Gathered Cheer blog

What do Sundays look like in your home? Can you rival my chutney obsession? Get in touch in the comments below! 

Happy Sunday, friends x


This post was written in collaboration with LSA and Amara, two brands I love, and for it I was given the featured pieces. All opinions are of course my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Gathered Cheer going. 

Photo Credits // All photos shot and styled by Ruth for Gathered Cheer