Styling the Seasons | January 2016

With only a few days of the month left to go, I'm delighted to be sharing my Styling the Seasons post. Traditionally a time of decluttering, making resolutions and getting stuck into a new year - for me January is also a time learning the art of slowing down and living life well.

Styling the Seasons January 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog

I've been so thankful for these cold, sunny days we've been enjoying in London lately. Blue skies. Crisp air. Bright sunshine. So perfect. It certainly makes working from home so much more enjoyable - as the light pouring it lifts my gaze and my spirits. All that said, as with many old properties, our victorian terrace gets pretty chilly. There are drafts aplenty, despite our attempts to fill/block/insulate our way to warmth. So working under a blanket is more or less essential, and my absolute favourite is the one pictured here, from The Future Kept. (It's sold out at the moment, but keep an eye out to see if it pops back in!) 

Styling the Seasons January 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog

While playing catch up for work is a priority this month, so is slowing down and taking care of myself. I've been trying to get into good habits with my sleep and water intake and it's definitely helping with my energy levels. I've also been carving out more time when I'm not sat in front of my laptop (which usually I am for a good 90% of any waking day) and by joining in with 'The Year in Books' this has now become a lovely ritual of snuggling down on my sofa with a hot cup of tea and a book. There is something so therapeutic about turning the pages of a good story.

Styling the Seasons January 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog

Sofa | Blanket | Lamp | Plant pot | Candle holder | Cushion (no longer stocked)

While we have been lucky with our light, bright days I've recently also been taking time to light candles around the house. Even in daylight their flickering flames bring a lovely warmth and happy feeling to a space. And in the evening they make rooms feel extra cosy. You can see my favourite candle holder, by Iittala, below - along with my January read, A Winter Book. Pretty appropriate, I think you'll agree.  

Styling the Seasons January 2016 | Gathered Cheer blog

I hope you like my little minimal styling effort for this month! Admittedly more on the simple side, it certainly sums up my January. What does January mean to you?


Styling the seasons is a lovely project run by Katy and Charlotte. If you fancy joining in just blog, tweet or 'gram a pic of your styled surface and tag in @apartmentapothecary and @lottsandlots, using #stylingtheseasons. 

All photos styled and shot by Ruth Garner for Gathered Cheer