This Joyful Moment | 012 + 013

Happy Saturday, friends. I hope you're having a lovely day. We've had a pretty relaxed day so far, seeing friends and expecting my darling sis-in-law over this evening. I've also just finished my second binge-watch of The West Wing on netflix. It is so so good, right? Even though I only understand about 20% of what they're saying at any given moment... Working from home, I am super grateful for our netflix account. There is so much good stuff on there at the minute. Do you have any recommendations? 

This Joyful Moment | Gathered Cheer

I'm delighted to share with you a bumper gathering of gorgeous moments from the last two Sunday's #thisjoyfulmoment instagram feed. As I missed a week there were so so many beautiful moments to look through, they really made me smile. So three grids it is! I hope you like the ones I'm sharing with you. Thank you for joining Laura and me on this project. 

This selection is just gorgeous - look at all those sweet mini people... 

This Joyful Moment | Gathered Cheer

@circleofpines / @loretaleka / @emmiekhall

 @live_and_bloom / @geoffreyandgrace

@ridasj / @lapinblu / @mrsroomtobreathe

Flower fans might like these pretty moments, captured over the past couple of weeks...

This Joyful Moment | Gathered Cheer

@loretaleka / @lingyeungb / @heatheryounguk

@lynneatpapermash / @interiornovice

@rachaelcooper_ / @floral_faye / @_mandybe

And these are just not one specific category, but all stood out and made me smile...

This Joyful Moment | Gathered Cheer

@leannebeale / @lapinblu / @littlemaldod

@mademoisellepoirot / @__apothecary__

@byebyebirdieuk / @colourliving / @aplayfulday

For the full feed, click here.


This Joyful Moment // Life is not always sweet, but when it is let's savour it. To take part just upload a pic to instagram on Sunday of a special moment that means something to you, adding the hashtag #thisjoyfulmoment and tagging Laura (@we.made.this.home) and me (@ruthlgarner).