Living room refresh with Habitat

Living in a rented home means two big things for my husband and me. The first is that I'm constantly scouring property websites, hoping and praying that some day, one day, we'll find a home we can afford. The second is that we often put off buying 'nice' furniture, opting for lower priced pieces which with a view to upgrading as and when we find our first home. But now that I work from home I'm finding myself getting more and more frustrated with 'making do' in our space. So, despite a move being on the cards within the next year or so, I'm beginning to work around the house, room by room, trying to bring in pieces which have longevity and will move with us when the time comes.

First up is our living room. Currently, it's magnolia and home to three different types of wood effect furniture. Yikes. So, in the coming weeks, it'll be getting a fresh lick of white paint, and some furniture updates including two brand new armchairs from Habitat. I am beyond excited about our new Momo chairs. Charcoal grey and compact, they are the perfect shape and size for our living room and will be easy to move when the time comes. We've had our fair share of moving heavy, bulky sofas in the past so these will be a dream!

When it comes to styling the rest of our living room, my heart is always captured by clean lines, metallic accents, chunky wool textures and oodles of grey. I've had my eye on the angular jug ever since I spotted it in store. It would look lovely sat atop a console table, filled with spring blooms, don't you think?

Here are the rest of my dream living room pieces -

Living room refresh with Habitat | Gathered Cheer blog

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What do you think of my dream living room? What sofa would be at the top of your wish list?


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