For the love of cushions

When it comes to adding a finishing touch in the living room or bedroom, you can't beat a good cushion. Plain or patterned, bold or neutral - whatever your style they are a brilliant and easy way to reinforce your scheme. Plus they add extra squishy comfort, of course! I'm beyond excited about our new chairs which will be with us any day now, so naturally my attention has turned to styling them up. Along with my favourite blanket, I figured a new cushion or two might be in order...

Luckily, there are so many gorgeous ones around to choose from. The lovely folks at Loaf have just launched their mid-season collection - with new sofas, footstools, fabrics and a new 'Shortbread' bed, which just looks so ridiculously comfy I wish I could dive right into the photo. Excellent name choice too, don't you think? 

I love the classic Loaf scatter cushions and I'd already been eyeing them up as the choice of fabrics and colours is really impressive. (Designers Guild, Ian Mankin, and Romo fabrics? Yes please). But now that I've spied the new pastel pink 'putty' colour way (three up from the bottom in the photo below) it has worked it's way up to the top of my wishlist. That said, the whole pile there is looking pretty neat. Is it possible to justify seven new cushions for two new chairs?! 

For the love of cushions | Gathered Cheer

As our chairs are charcoal grey, I'm swaying towards pastel pink tones, but am also tempted by yellow, grey and white. I do have a few metres of this dreamy fabric I bought in Helsinki, so maybe I should be brave and get sewing my own cushions covers. That pink and grey pattern might just be the perfect match for our chairs. 

Here are some other gorgeous cushions which have caught my eye recently...

For the love of cushions | Gathered Cheer

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What colour would you pick to pair with charcoal grey? Have you spotted any gorgeous cushions recently? I'd love to hear in the comments below, if so! Or just tweet me