This Joyful Moment | 008

Hello friends, and happy Monday. This post is super late as my laptop went haywire during the writing and uploading of it. (We're talking lots of purple lines all across the display. Not cool. Especially since my little mac friend is only two years old or so.) Last week went by in a poorly haze punctuated with naps, West Wing watching and antibiotics taking. But a new week is here and I finally feel myself again. Phew! 

So, now I'm delighted to be blogging about last Sunday's #thisjoyfulmoment project. Laura (from We Made This Home) and I are so chuffed we every photo shared. It's such fun to scroll through and share in your happy moments. (Yesterday's photo faves will follow later this week, and then things will be back on track!) 

For those who have not spotted our little project on instagram yet, the concept is super simple - life is not always sweet, but when it is let's celebrate it. To take part just upload a pic to instagram on Sunday of a special moment that means something to you, adding the hashtag and tagging Laura and me. 

This Joyful Moment | Gathered Cheer

Since the Sunday before last was Mothering Sunday, the feed was full of beautiful blooms, favourite photographs and precious family moments. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in. Here are a few which caught our eye. 

This Joyful Moment | Gathered Cheer