Love you, mum

Happy Monday, lovelies. I hope you had a beautiful weekend. I had such a wonderful mix of work and play. I assisted the lovely Emily from Makelight at her photography workshop on Saturday, for the first time being held at her brand new studio. It's always such a joy to assist Emily, as I learn heaps just from listening in and I get so inspired by everyone who attends. It is such a lovely community. And yesterday was just as perfect, with church followed by lunch with dear friends. (Plus the Crufts best in show was on TV in the evening, which I just love!) 

Anyway, onto today's post - a little love note to my mama in celebration of Mothering Sunday which is just a week away. 

Love you, mum | Gathered Cheer

To look at us, you'd likely see the similarity in our faces, but less so in our physiques. My mum is the fittest and healthiest lady I know. Going for runs most days, she is so inspiring to me, and in my current state (that is - somewhat overweight and unfit) I look to her for tips about how to make meaningful changes. I am so proud of the challenges she has taken on over the years with such strength and determination - from smashing 10k runs, to pursuing a new career in counselling, and caring for my awesome grandparents as they lived with dementia in their later years. She is quiet, gentle and full of grace. But beneath the unassuming exterior lies a heart for adventure - I am so proud of how she has (with my dad) chased her passion for travelling, going to so many far-flung places in recent years. Life has of course dealt its harder cards at times, but seeing mum keep going with her eyes fixed on Jesus has been so profound. Thank you mum: for your love for me, for teaching me to keep going, for not worrying too much about the weird and unpredictable nature of my work and for raising me to believe in myself. I love you. xxx

And to celebrate our wonderful mums, friends and sisters (all women, really!) I gathered together some beautiful pieces, all of which would make a sweet gift. I so love these pieces for their gentle tones, natural materials and practical nature - I'd be quite happy with one of each...

Love you, mum | Gathered Cheer