This Joyful Moment | 003

Hello friends!

It's that time of the week again, where I share some of the lovely moments captured on the #thisjoyfulmoment feed on instagram last Sunday. Laura (from We Made This Home) and I have been so thrilled that you've joined us on this project. Looking through the feed at all the special moments brings me such happiness, thank you to everyone who has contributed. These sweet moments were extra special for me on Sunday (and Monday!) as I was them bed-ridden and feeling pretty sorry for myself. Thankfully, it isn't anything that a netflix marathon (I can't stop watching The Bridge), and lots of cups of tea couldn't cure, but nevertheless my days have been slightly less joyful. So, seeing all your photos made me smile.

This Joyful Moment 003 | Gathered Cheer

Here are just some of the gorgeous from last Sunday. There were just so many that made us smile, picking eight was nigh on impossible! I've shared a few more on my instagram too :) 

This Joyful Moment 003 | Gathered Cheer


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