This Joyful Moment | 002

Hello friends!

I'm delighted to share a few special moments which filled the #thisjoyfulmoment feed on instagram last Sunday. In case you missed my earlier post, #thisjoyfulmoment is a little instagram project hosted by the lovely Laura (from We Made This Home) and me. The whole idea is just that we take a moment each Sunday to share and celebrate life's sweet moments. Obviously life gets hard sometimes, so when it's good we think it should be celebrated! Laura and I have been totally blown away by all the gorgeous, happy moments being shared, so thank you so much to everyone who has contributed. 

Here are just some of the beautiful, sweet moments from last Sunday. It looks like it was a day filled with happy family times, bright blue skies and good food. Perfect.

@katiemorwenna / @takingamomentintime / @devonsunyarns

@littlemaldod / @reallyprettyuseful 

@geoffreyandgrace / @alexis.allan / @fionaannal

You can see the whole feed and its many happy moments, here

See you on instagram next Sunday!