Gathered Links | 002

Happy Valentine's Day! Whatever your relationship status, I hope you have a lovely day, full of fun and smiles. You are loved, and don't you forget it!

I hope this week has been kind to you. It's been a tough week here, with one thing and another. I guess life is full of moments where the bubble of the daily mundane is burst, and where real life in all its frailty and sadness breaks in. But I suppose that is the essence of life. Happy moments, punctured with sad ones. Highs and lows. Beauty and ashes. 

Gathered Links 002 | Gathered Cheer // Photo via Death to the stock photo

That said, I've been really inspired by so many things I've read, watched and listened to this week. Here are just a few of them...

+ It was a sad moment when Sergei Polunin left the Royal Ballet back in 2012. (I'm a massive ballet fan, in case you didn't know.) So seeing this video of him dancing doing the rounds, to much acclaim, was wonderful. It's utterly captivating. 

+ This beautifully honest post resonated with me so much. *Raises hand*

+ I've visited a fair few of these design and interiors shops, but all those I haven't are now on my hit list. 

+ A soundtrack from Paris, with love. 

+ This blog has become one of my new favourites. So stunning.

+ The more I see of the String shelving system, the more I long for one in our house!

+ The hope of heartache.

Have you seen anything special that's caught your eye in the week? I'd love to hear about it. Comment below or tweet me! 


Photo Credit // DTTSP