Gathered Links | 001

Happy Saturday, friends. I hope you have a lovely weekend planned. We're having a pretty quiet one, with friends coming over for dinner this evening, followed by church tomorrow. B is cooking this most amazing mango chicken in pitta breads recipe tonight - just the thought of it is making me hungry! 

I thought it would be fun to begin a weekly series here, where I collate some of the things that I've been enjoying or found to be an interesting or inspiring read. While I know this concept isn't a new one (in fact, it's often one of the things I love most about many others blogs I read), I hope you'll like it. I also hope it will stir me to read wider, ponder more and to seek more inspiration from those awesome people around me. 

Gathered Links 001 | Gathered Cheer

While winter lingers on, my heart is very much dreaming of summer. This time of reflection, of hibernating and of waiting is a time when I feel eager to fine tune my habits, throwing off the things which have previously held me back. While all I really want at this time of year is to hunker down under my thick, wooly blanket; I want to use this time to grow, to plan and to seek inspiration for the more fruitful (and warm) seasons which lie ahead.

+  This essay, on the meaning of light was illuminating. (Boom, boom.)

+ Still within the Kinfolk family, this ode to summer has lit a spark in me. One which craves longer, lighter days.

New Year, New Light. 

Make a better bed time routine. A constant battle, but one I'm determined to nail.

+ I can't get enough of this Air album. On oldie, but a goodie. 

+ Spend more time.

+ This book has me dreaming of bright and creative gatherings (although the French is a little challenging!)

+ Do your thing.

Have you read anything that's inspired you this week? I'd love to read them - feel free to pop them in the comments below, or tweet me


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