DIY | Gold Vinyl Valentine's Day Tiles

I don't know about you, but I will always have time for gold. And, this DIY Valentine's Day vinyl lettered tile is no exception. It's the ideal combo of gold, white and simple styling. And there's not a pink, fluffy heart in sight! You might remember me talking about last year's Alt Summer, where one of the sponsors was Silhouette America. I was lucky enough to attend their sponsor dinner, and it was such a wonderful evening. I was totally blown away by the table settings, where I saw for myself just how much the portrait machine can do - the possibilities are endless! So when they gifted me a portrait machine of my own my mind went into overdrive planning all sorts of DIYs. For those not sure of what it does, it is a magical cutting machine. Capable of cutting all sorts of materials, there really is no end to what you can cut and create.

So, with Valentine's Day just around the corner I fancied making something quick and easy and not too girlie or red. I picked up some cheap white tiles, and simply cut sweet sayings out of the gold vinyl using my portrait machine. The best thing with this is that you can adapt the sayings to suit you, as well as the font, size and spacing.

Valentine's Day Gold Tiles DIY | Gathered Cheer


  • Tiles - any plain tiles should work for this. (I bought some basic tiles which measured 8x8 inches and cost 55p each!)
  • Silhouette Portrait or Cameo machine (or similar)
  • Silhouette gold vinyl roll
  • Scissors
  • Scraper
  • Silhouette transfer paper roll

You can make it totally unique! Jump below to see exactly what I did...

Valentine's Day Gold Tiles DIY | Gathered Cheer
Valentine's Day Gold Tiles DIY | Gathered Cheer


1. Open Silhouette Studio on your computer and draw up your chosen design. I wrote 'KISS ME' 'LET'S STAY IN' and 'YOU + ME' using the font helvetica neue (regular), and then adjusted the font size and spacing so that the letters would fit the tile nicely. I wanted a fair bit of white space around the letters, to keep things looking minimal.

2. Feed the gold vinyl into the machine, ensuring that the blade is set to the correct dial (number 2 for vinyl) and then send the file to machine to begin cutting.

3. Once the gold vinyl has been cut, peel away the excess vinyl and you'll be left with you pretty gold vinyl letters. (See left image, above).

4. To transfer these letters onto your tile, cover them with some transfer paper and use a scraper (or something like a ruler or credit card!) to smooth it down over the letters, pushing out any air bubbles. 

5. Peel up the transfer paper (the gold letters should be stuck to it), and then set it out where you'd like on your tile. (See right image, above). I found using the red grid on the reverse of the transfer paper handy when it came to lining up the letters, although I did fail slightly with the 'kiss me' tile - which I think you'll notice! 

6. Smooth over the transfer paper, to encourage the letters to stick to the tile. Peel transfer paper away.

7. Voila - a gold vinyl lettered tile is yours! 

Just a couple of extra things to note:

// Gold vinyl is like gold dust as far as I'm concerned, so I don't ever want to waste it! To reduce waste, you when you create your document try to flip the sayings, so that two fit on a smaller surface area. You can just cut the vinyl once it's been cut in the machine. This should save a lot of vinyl! (See image below).

// If you don't have a Silhouette machine or similar cutting tool you might think you can't do this - but you can do a lovely variation of this project! Using a letter stencil and some oil-based paint you can stipple paint onto the tile to write the words. Or, if you have some letter stickers, form these into words and stick them onto the tile. 

Valentine's Day Gold Tiles DIY | Gathered Cheer

I think the 'let's stay in' tile is my absolute favourite. I say this far too often to B. Luckily, he doesn't seem to mind. Netflix and a take away is my idea of a perfect night in! Happy Valentine's Day, friends! 

Valentine's Day Gold Tiles DIY | Gathered Cheer


Please note - this post wasn't sponsored, but I was gifted a free Silhouette Portrait machine and materials by Silhouette America. All opinions about the machine are totally my own. I only ever post about products I absolutely love!