Gift Guide | Stationery Lover

Christmas is such a special time of gatherings and celebration, and of course gift-giving. For B and me the season means so much more than giving gifts, but we do love to treat our friends and family. There is something so magical about seeing the look on someone's face when you give the perfect gift - priceless! I'm thrilled to this week be sharing some of my own gift guides for those special people in your life. I know gift guides are everywhere at the moment, but I really hope you like my selections - plus it's super easy to click through and buy all the items right here. No rushing to the shops, getting squashed in the crowds and gritting your teeth as 'Merry Christmas Everyone' plays yet again over the store radio.

First up, it's a selection of gifts for all those stationery lovers in your life. Whether it's a classic notecard set, a decadent pen or a calendar for 2016 - these all make both beautiful and practical gifts. (Notes to any of my own family reading, I'd happily take one of each of these!)

I'll be back tomorrow with another gift guide, so stay tuned! For more present ideas, you can browse all my shop categories here