Farewell, 2015!

Well, what a year 2015 has been. In it I launched Gathered Cheer (back in January), began doing more freelance writing and working and generally grew in confidence as a blogger. I thought it would be fun to look back over the past twelve months to see which posts stuck out as popular or poignant, as I begin to look forward to all 2016 may have in store.

Farewell 2015 | Gathered Cheer blog
Styling the Seasons | Gathered Cheer blog

I joined in with Katy and Charlotte's gorgeous monthly project when I could, and so enjoyed scrolling through the #stylingtheseasons hashtag on instagram. I'm looking forward to joining in again in 2016, and resolve to complete more months that I did this year!  


Urban Jungle Bloggers | Gathered Cheer blog

As with styling the seasons, I had the best of intentions to join in with this super lovely project, but that went out of the window a little. Started by Igor and Judith, this project celebrates our green friends with different monthly prompts. I only managed two contributions, though my hanging air plant DIY has far surpassed any post I've ever done before in terms of hits. Who would have thought a simple ikea hack could be so popular? And yes, my little air plant babies are still hanging out and still make me smile when I see them.


Let's Get Crafty | Gathered Cheer Blog

While I'm very much in the 'craft for fun' camp, it's been a good year for DIYs on Gathered Cheer. I've enjoyed trying new techniques and have been pretty pleased with some of the results. I hope you've liked them too!

A few fave blogs | Gathered Cheer blog

While there have been a few posts which have drawn in new readers (for which I am so grateful), there have also been a few posts of which I was extra proud for different reasons. Whether it was a vulnerable post discussing life and death, or a post which stretched my skills in styling and photography these are my 2015 'heart posts'.


Lovely people | Gathered Cheer blog

Without a doubt, the thing I'm most delighted about looking back at Gathered Cheer over the past twelve months has been all the lovely people I've met. From super talented bloggers who have become friends, to lovely folks at brands I admire so, I've been blown away and inspired by them all. There are just too many amazing bloggers out there who've inspired me this year - but for a good start take a peek at my blog roll over in my sidebar - they are all incredible and so worth reading and bookmarking.

The whole idea behind Gathered Cheer was one of coming together and of cheering each other on. The first few of the Gathered Cheer socials took place this year, and wow - they were such fun. I'm so grateful to Teri, Jeska and Emma who made these happen with me - and I can't wait to hold more in the new year. Keep an eye on the events page for more info. 

I've also been honoured to work with so many incredible brands over the year. I make sure I only ever write about products that I truly love - and I hope you've enjoyed these collaborations. In 2016 I'm looking forward to working with and featuring smaller businesses, shops and designer/makers alongside these bigger name brands and I'll soon be scouring fairs, markets and the good old internet for inspiration! 

A HUGE thank you to all of you who have read, commented, tweeted and joined me on this Gathered Cheer adventure. It's been such a joy and means so much. I'll be back blogging very soon, but until then have a very happy new year - see you in 2016!