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Do you live life in colour? Or, like me, do you prefer to stick to neutrals and the old faithful shades of grey? Thinking back I do recall decorating my teenage bedroom is hues of bright yellow and blue, and then my university room in deep aubergine tones. But since then my desire for calm and simplicity has meant I've eschewed brights instead sticking with blank canvas colours. 

Recently I discovered the new online shop, A Splash Of Colour - home to a bold and colourful edit of products. To find out more about the shop and the excellent design at its heart, I spoke to founder Natasha Broady...

A Splash Of Colour Q&A | Gathered Cheer blog

Can you tell me a little more about yourself and your background?

I was born in London and have lived here ever since. Since I left school I’ve been working in PR and marketing working for brands from Boots, Coca-Cola through to British Airways. My last job was at Cake, which is an entertainment and music marketing company where I reached board level but still felt like I was missing something and had a huge desire to do something for myself. While taking three months out I realised that the only way I was going to achieve my dreams was going to be brave and realised I was going to have to take a leap of faith and fight hard for something I passionately believe is a good idea.


What made you take the leap from marketing and PR to interiors? 

I’ve loved my time working in this world and I leant so much in this time and had some incredible experiences, but on the side I always had a massive passion for interior design and interior products. Retail and business has always been in my blood as my parents both had shops so when I took some time out to go travelling I realised that it was now or never and I had to find a way to bring together my love of brand, retail and interiors and do something for myself.


Tell me a little more about A Splash of Colour and its philosophy? 

I love the power of colour in a home and how even the smallest pieces can transform a room. My philosophy for A Splash of Colour was to create a place that offered a simple solution to finding beautiful coloured furniture and accessories that had a point of difference. I spent a lot of time finding a web design company that got my idea as I was adamant that I wanted a simple process that made finding the exact coloured product you want quick and easy. My ambition is to make people fall in love with colour again and to show that by putting the right pieces in your home you can think about colour differently.

A Splash Of Colour Q&A | Gathered Cheer blog

How do you select the products which make it onto A Splash of Colour?

First of all I have to love it. When I’m researching brands or at a show and see something that is right it tends to make my heart beat a bit quicker. I look for things that have a wow factor, tell a story and would genuinely add personality and a little bit of something special to someone’s home. Secondly, it has to be a quality product with great use of materials and craftsmanship.


What do you say to those who are nervous of using colour in their interiors? How can they find confidence in colour? 

The thing I love about using colour is that, when used in the right way it can absolutely transform your home. Colour should be inspiring and lift your home. It should make it a place you want to be and can’t wait to get back to. If you aren’t sure about colour be brave and start by adding small focus pieces to a room this will give your house a point of difference and once you start you’ll probably find you get the colour bug.


Where do you find design inspiration?

The thing I love about design is that if you keep your eyes open you can be inspired on every corner. I love living in London as design is everywhere - hotels, restaurants, exhibitions. Stay inquisitive and look up and you will be amazed at how much you will absorb that is around you for free. 


What colours are your hot picks for SS16?

Royal blue and emerald green. 


What are your absolute favourite pieces from your current edit?

I always find this question so hard as I genuinely love everything I sell.

One of my newer pieces is the Gold Schneid Eikon Ray Pendant Light this is an absolute show stopper - I want to move so that I have ceilings high enough to have this.

The H Furniture Pie Chart System is another piece I completely adore; I love the playfulness of this piece and how versatile it can be in a space.  

Finally I have to mention the Tarapera Stand By Me Table Lamp. I talk often about ‘pieces’ that have a talking point and this is definitely one of those pieces: combining a functional lamp with the added ingenious storage and organisational element of incorporating book stands – perfect for those short on space or looking to display their favourite reads.


A Splash Of Colour Q&A | Gathered Cheer blog
A Splash Of Colour Q&A | Gathered Cheer blog
A Splash Of Colour Q&A | Gathered Cheer blog

Thank you so much, Natasha! 

Here are a few of my favourite A Splash of Colour picks, staying true my form I stuck with greys and white, but added some pops of pink for extra zing!

A Splash Of Colour | Gathered Cheer blog

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