Urban Jungle Bloggers | Plants & Coffee

Happy Friday, friends! Today, I'm delighted to finally be joining in with the Urban Jungle Bloggers series. This monthly project has long caught my eye, as gorgeous, green images fill my instagram and pinterest feeds, but I've been a little slow on the uptake with actually joining in! I love the concept behind the series, celebrating our green friends in our homes - through DIY, styling and other inspiring tips and tricks.

Traditionally, I've been more a fan of cut flowers, since their limited lifespan means that their eventual withering is inevitable. Cheery, I know. With plants however, I feel a tad more responsible for keeping them alive, and I nearly always forget to water them or give them sufficient light. So, I often buy a green leafy friend, who not long after is disposed of in the rubbish. It's all a little sad.

So, imagine my delight when I discovered, through the magic of reading lots of blogs and scouring Pinterest (I'm over here by the way) that there are plants out there which are more hardy. Enter, succulents and cacti. Yes, yes, I know they are a blogger's best friend. And with good reason. They look super cute, they come in all sorts of varieties and are pretty tough to kill. Perfect, right?

My little succulent and cacti babies now sit on most surfaces around our home, but the ones I thought I'd show you today are on my bedside cabinet. You might remember this slightly dire area from my November 'styling the seasons' post. This chest of drawers belongs to the house and not me, so a painting job is sadly not an option. It's always a little tricky to style, as it's in an alcove which seems to throw all sorts of strange shadows into the mix. But, I like having a go at making the most of a space, and this month's urban jungle bloggers gave me the perfect opportunity to change up the surface.

This month's UJB post was all about two wonderful things - plants and coffee. A winning combination. Since I chose to style up my bedside unit, coffee fitted in rather perfectly. As I work from home I'm lucky enough to linger a little longer in bed in the mornings, and that first cup of coffee is always one I savour.  There's happiness for me in the methodical ritual of preparing a cup. I find it wonderfully relaxing to take time over every step, whether it's pre-warming the cups, frothing the milk or grinding the beans. And of course, I think it tastes all the better for it!

So, beside my bed sit all the morning essentials: a good cup of fresh coffee, sugar and a spoon. Plus a little bit of delicious chocolate - total indulgence on a tray. Having my green friends beside my bed brings such cheer to my morning routine. They add life and character to the room and make me smile. The sweet little swan vase is a very recent addition, which I bought in the Oliver Bonas sale for £2.20. I couldn't pass up such a bargain. For this little surface, I took inspiration from all the scandi interiors that I find myself pinning most days. The soft hues of grey, offset with pinks, lots of white and the green of the succulents makes for a calm corner indeed. 

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series and you can join in with Judith (Joelix) and Igor (Happy Interior Blog) by using #urbanjunglebloggers on instagram, facebook or twitter. You can see a full round up of this month's plants & coffee blog posts here.