A very friendly valentine

When you think of Valentine's day, I'm fairly sure you think of hearts, cupids and lots of slightly cheesy sentiments adorning cuddly toys. And, generally speaking, it is seen as a special day for couples to revel in their love for one another. B and I don't really go all in for v-day, but ever the stationery fiend, I do appreciate it when he finds a lovely card and writes sweet things in it. One year I decided that we'd write one another a letter instead of giving a gift and I was most upset when he forgot to write one. True story. I sulked for hours. And, I'm fairly sure that my obsession with gold foil, letterpress and screenprinting makes his job of choosing a card that little bit trickier. 

Anyway, the way I see it, is you make a day like Valentine's day whatever you want it to be. So whether you're married, in a relationship or not, there's a reason to celebrate. For me, along with giving a sweet card to my husband, that also means being slightly cheesy and telling my best girl friend how much she means to me.

Honestly, I'm not sure what I'd do without her. Back when I was at secondary school, one of my closest friends moved away and I had no idea how I'd survive. Sure enough, for the remaining years I straddled social groups, not really having one person I knew I could totally rely on, and be myself with. It was a pretty lonely time of trying, but not quite managing, to fit in. Fast forward to university, and I was so blessed to live with five girls who became dear friends (and still are), but as is often the case, we've ended up scattered around the country. So, when I struck up a friendship with Ruthie, who came to join our church in London, little did I know what an amazing friend she'd become. 

We are wildy different, yet scarily alike. She is the lovingly practical, wise one who I turn to on an almost daily basis. Our texts are frequent and sway between the daily mundane (what shall I have for dinner?), to the more serious and deep (how do I know what God is saying to me?) I value her opinion, and I know she always tells me the truth. She 'gets' me and all my random obsessions. She knows she can tell me anything, with no judgement. Together we're a hosting dream team and understand the need for a proper spread of good food, at even the most casual of gatherings. We always over-cater. We are often mistaken for sisters. She even has the same name as me...

So, this Valentine's day, I'm taking the chance to say thank you to my friend. I'm revelling in our friendship, and feeling ever so blessed. Here are some pretty things that I just know she'll love. (I can be pretty confident, since I want it all too...) Love you, friend!