Coffee Table Collection: Modern Country

Hello lovelies, happy Thursday! I really wanted to post today with a review of a book I've had for a little while now, but things have been so hectic! I actually took it away on the Makelight weekend I went on a while back, and the brilliant Emily helped me snap some lovely pictures to accompany this review. I hope you like them.

Written by interiors journalist, Caroline Clifton-Mogg, Modern Country is a beautiful coffee table book full of inspiration and information. With images drawn from the archives of the French interiors magazines, Côté Sud, Côté Est and Côté Ouest the book allows space for readers to go on a journey, seeing the complete picture of each home, rather than individually styled rooms. As you'd expect from French interiors magazines, the images are oh so beautiful and inspiring. The notion of modern country is a perfect one for me, as I find the classic country style a bit much, and naturally veer towards more modern styles in both architecture and decor. Modern country is the perfect pairing - blending the country style, with its emphasis on gathering together, being comfortable and living well, with the clean lines and effortless edit of modern styling.

Split into four main sections {country locations, architectural styles, materials and finishes and country living}, the book guides readers through a full roster of projects. From Alpine retreats to Breton stone farmhouses, these dreamy case studies will leave you with a serious case of wanderlust. The timeless delight of rural living, married with the more practical elements of modern style is a winning combination, and this perfect pairing saturates the pages of this book. Not only are the pictures of the projects stunning, but the words too are imbued with a sense of country charm. Just look at this gorgeous introduction to a case study...

"One of the dreams of those in search of the perfect rural retreat is that one day, almost by chance, they will stumble upon a scenic, charming, rustic ruin of a house (obviously with all its charming, rustic outbuildings), hidden deep in the countryside, that is just waiting, like Sleeping Beauty, to be awakened with a restorative kiss." {Modern Country, pp 26}

These are pages that encourage you to stop, to consider the world around you and to just be. The emphasis that the rural lifestyle places on gatherings, living well, sharing food and drink and feeling cosy and comfortable is one that we city dwellers often long for - well I know I certainly do! And while a country escape of our own is not really on the cards, books like this fill me with ideas and wonder and transport me away from the hustle and bustle of London life, if only for a short while.

Throughout the book it's also really exciting to see how each homeowner has considered the location of their property, whether high up on a mountain or beside the sea, and reflected this in the materials used, the styling and in the overall feel of the home. The projects are sensitive to the past, to their location and to the communities which surround them, but they have cleverly adopted modern sensibilities throughout, too. The result is a refreshing book, which is beautifully written and full of practical insights and advice.

Oh, what I'd give to be back in that gorgeous space where Emily ran the Makelight weekend {which I promise I'll blog about very soon!}. That cosy armchair was a dream and the perfect place to snuggle down to read this charming book.

Have a lovely day, friends!


Modern Country: Inspiring Interiors for Contemporary Country Living, by Caroline Clifton-Mogg is published by Jacqui Small Publishing and is out now.