Angel Wings Decoration with Yankee Candle

Hello friends! Wow, December really is flying by isn't it? Suddenly there is no denying Christmas is around the corner. We put our tree up at the weekend, which has definitely made things feel more festive. Every year I love adorning our house with twinkly lights and candles; it brings such cheer on the cold winter nights, don't you think? Maybe I'll keep them up all year long! As part of the Christmas decorating fun, I'm delighted to share part two of my Christmas crafting with Yankee Candle. The last post was the ever so simple, but oh so cute, Candy Cane Lane decoration, and this one is a sweet Angel Wings decoration. You'll be pleased to know it's super simple to make, requiring very little in the way of materials. The Angel Wings Yankee Candle is a subtle and sweet scent, which fills the room with a gentle, airy feeling. As much as I love woody and strong scents, this candle has won my heart because of its delicate fragrance which whispers rather than shouts. I've been so impressed with how long it's lasted too, since I've been burning it for a long time now!

So, to celebrate this sweet scented candle here is a rather appropriate craft - an angel wings decoration. It's so quick and easy and would be perfect for a quiet afternoon of crafting with little people! Please do excuse these darker photographs. Crafting and snapping photos is tricky this time of year, given the darker days!

S T E P   O N E Cut out an angel wings shape from your cardboard. I freestyled it, vaguely following the shape below. As it isn't visible when you're finished this needn't be super precise. Just go for a shape depending on how big you want your decoration. My cardboard wings shape was about 15cm wide.

S T E P   T W O Attach your larger feathers to the card, by spacing them out approximately 1cm from the top of your card and either taping or glueing in place. The tip of the feathers should cover the bottom of the card, and by tapering each at slightly different heights, you'll end up with a pretty tier of feathers on each side.

S T E P   T H R E E Once this has dried {if you glued the feathers in place}, take the smaller fluffy feathers and glue to the top of the wings, where you left the 1cm gap.

S T E P   F O U R This is entirely optional, but I wanted extra sparkle on my wings, and if you do too, simply dab some glue on the feather {being careful not to damage their shape}, and sprinkle over some glitter. Shake off the excess.

S T E P   F I V E Attach some twine to the back with tape, hang up and admire!

And there you have it, a sweet angel wings decoration. Perfect for hanging on the wall or the tree and full of festive cheer.

*I must add, please please be careful about where you hang your decoration. Over an open flame probably isn't advisable, since flames and feathers don't mix that well. Trust me, I found this out the hard way...*


This post was written in collaboration with Yankee Candle, but all views within it {and the superb crafting skills} are my own…