Styling the Seasons - November

Hello and happy Friday, friends! I'm finally on a roll catching up on my to-do list, and as promised today I'm sharing my attempt at this month's styling the seasons, well it is still November after all! As I mentioned yesterday, Styling the Seasons is a lovely idea courtesy of Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots. The idea is to simply take a space in your home that might otherwise go unchanged or unloved, and having a go at styling it, taking cues from the seasons. It's a lovely, intentional way to mark each month, and it really has encouraged me to be a little braver with styling and making every corner of my home count. All that said, I really do struggle with autumn. I don't love orange, so piles of pumpkins and leaves don't work for me all that much. Give me the bright, vibrancy of summer any day! So for my November styled surface, I chose my bedside table. As you can see, it's a chest of drawers nestled in an alcove, and it isn't actually one of our own pieces of furniture. If it were mine, I definitely would have painted it by now. But on the plus side, it provides a lot of space for all my bedside essentials - namely a light, books, magazines and my trusty radio. In terms of styling and colour, I've chosen to play up soft peach tones, combining it with fresh mint and green hues. The eucalyptus leaves were left over from a bouquet I made {more on that very soon!} and I couldn't bear to part with them when the rest of it began to fade.

So here it is - November.

Yes, that's a piece of Rifle Paper Co. wrapping paper washi taped to the wall. {At £5 a sheet I am determined to get my money's worth!} I just love the colours in the paper, and I tried to pick out similar tones in the eucalyptus leaves and mini bowls {which are handy for storing my jewellery}. Since it's my bedside table I try to keep it fairly clear, and the light on the left is an old Ikea purchase which I don't love anymore but needs must. The calligraphy is hanging over from last night's calligraphy practice which I was doing before bed, although I had to be ever so careful not to spill the ink! I love having the radio on hand, and a stack of inspiring books and magazines, ready for those lazy mornings in bed with a cup of tea. {You might be able to spy Decorate with Flowers which is a book I love, and reviewed here.}

What do you think? I know it doesn't scream 'November' but I think the soft peaches in the paper bring a certain warmth to the surface, and the mint green is a little nod to the ice blues and greens of the festive and wintery season ahead.

If you want to join in with Styling the Seasons simply post a picture of your styled surface and simply tag in Katy and Charlotte and use the #StylingtheSeasons hashtag. I'll be back next month {which is scarily close} sharing my December styled surface, which will incorporate my Liberty crafty creation that I blogged about yesterday. What fun!