The Smug Shelfie Breakfast

Hi friends, hope you had a super weekend. I wanted to share some pretty pictures from a fun morning I had a few weeks back, which have been slightly delayed as things have been a tad hectic lately! When the lovely Amy {from Rumour PR and the blog Daisy Fay Interiors} and Tiff {from Curate & Display} invited me to join a lovely breakfast and styling session at Smug, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Now, you might remember me waxing lyrical about this beautiful Islington store a little while back when Smug turned five, so having the chance to go back was a delight. Smug's founder Lizzie Evans has curated a stunning selection of must-have items, from homewares to stationery. Needless to say, giving a group of bloggers pastries, coffee and then letting them run wild styling their own 'shelfie' was a recipe for a lot of fun!

The plan was that we each had a shelf to style up however we wanted, using any of the covetable items for sale at Smug, hence the 'shelfie' references - much cooler than a 'selfie', in my opinion. A big shout out must also go to HipHop & Bloom, who provided the most gorgeous floral arrangements for us to use in our shelfies. Just look at how pretty they were...

I was totally in awe of the other blogging ladies as they confidently set to work {see below for links to their blogs}, I was also a tad overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pretty we could pick from. It's one thing styling up a shelf at home when resources are finite, but in a shop brimming with beautiful items there's no such problem! In the end I kept things super simple, choosing a fresh and light colour scheme and only a few items.

I've long coveted Ali Miller ceramics, so I knew I had to make this stunning teapot, teacup and saucer the main part of the shot. The soft blush tones were further enhanced with the cheering Seventy Tree chopping board {which is now also firmly on my wishlist!} A sprig of eucalyptus finished this simply styled shelfie. It felt 'me' in so much as I am often drawn to these soft hues, and love things that feel calm and minimal.

Here are the other shelfies that were styled oh-so beautifully:

Courage & Dash

Oh and I couldn't resist striking a pose with the blooms - they were so pretty! Big thanks to Charlotte from Lotts & Lots for snapping this...

Thank you so much to Tiff, Amy and Lizzie for a fabulous morning!