Blog Hop

Happy Monday, friends! Today's post is a little different to the usual ones, and I hope you enjoy it. This blog hop is simply a few questions that are being passed along from blogger to blogger. It's a lovely way to spread the love and get to know some other pretty corners of the internet. I've already discovered a good number of blogs that I'd not read before - hurrah!

I was passed the blog hop baton from Teri at The Lovely Drawer. We were both at a couple of events last year {including the fun meet up at The Biscuiteers} but we didn't actually meet in person. We then tweeted a bit, met up with our mutual friend Cadence {who is also awesome}, and friends we have become. Yay for Twitter meet ups. Teri is a super talented designer and her blog is full of gorgeous DIYs, pretty inspiration and tasty recipes. Seriously guys, go check out her blog, it's all kinds of awesome. You can also read her blog hop post here.

Anyway, here goes with the questions! Step into my office, baby...

Why do I write?

Crumbs, this is a tricky question to start! You know how at school you often find yourself more interested in science/maths or english/languages as subjects? Well, I hated maths and loved english. Anything that wasn't remotely science or maths based got my vote. I remember losing myself in books as a child, much preferring that to playing out or doing sport. {A fact that stands to this day!}  And my career has reflected this, too. From working in a press office to managing social media accounts and writing for magazines, writing is an intrinsic part of my life. I find meaning in writing; it's as I write that I best reflect on life. So whether it's a feature for a magazine or a post for this blog - it's the ultimate therapy. I find it so exhilarating to be able to really get stuck into a topic - to research, plan, investigate and then of course, write. I don't always feel like I'm a fabulous writer, but I always hope to do it in a way that reflects 'me'. This blog may not be super smart or full of intellectual prose, but whatever I cover on here is something that I feel reflects me, whether I'm swooning over pretty homewares or opening up about my desire to have a family.

What am I working on?

Ever since I've had the chance to meet other bloggers, attend amazing conferences {Blogtacular and Alt Summit} and generally get my teeth into freelance writing and blogging, I've had heaps of ideas. The main thing I'm working on right now is developing an editorial schedule for this blog. Up until recently my posts have gone up whenever I happened to have them written. Not always the best plan, admittedly. I'm hoping that by planning content a bit ahead of time I will be able to get into a good routine, so that there's always something new and interesting for you to read on here.

Collaboration is also the name of the game, and I'm hoping to work with more lovely bloggers in the coming months which I'm so looking forward to. I'm also working on a few secret projects, both with other lovely bloggers. Watch this space!

Aside from that I'm working on honing this blog space into something that reflects me, and as such I'm also plotting a big change, possibly even involving a name change and a new start-up business launch. It's a fairly daunting prospect, but super exciting too!

How does it differ from others in its genre?

This a a difficult question too! I think it's hard mainly because I'm still working out my blog, its genre and its space on internet.

Like Teri, I'm a Christian and in a similar way to how she summed it up, I feel this also sets me apart from other UK lifestyle and interiors bloggers. My faith means I say no to certain topics or brand approaches, and in the more personal posts it is more evident. I don't go 'all out' writing about it here, but my faith does underpin everything I do - it is the root of my peace and hope.

Rather than being a fully personal blog about me, or a completely interiors led blog, I try to blend the two in a balanced way that my readers will enjoy.

What is my writing process?

I'm fairly relaxed with my writing, it has to be said! For the blog I have a list of topics I want to write about, along with a rough time frame for when I want them to go up. For each post I research, grab the main bits of information that I'll want to include {especially for some of the more detailed travel posts}, take photos, edit the photos and then begin writing. I don't follow a strict process as such, other than trying to write a post in one sitting before then saving it to edit at a later stage. I always edit the post by hitting 'preview' in wordpress, as I seem to spot more errors that I have may have missed otherwise! When I'm writing I like to have everything to hand, so I'll often have lots of tabs open to pages I'll be linking to, or parts that I need to fact check.

Well, that's my blog hop done. Now it's my pleasure to pass on the baton to two fantastic blogging friends...

I first met Alyssa on Twitter, as we'd both attended photography workshops with Emily at Makelight, but on different dates. I was chuffed to finally meet her in person at a subsequent Makelight workshop, and we hit it off right away. Along with Beck {see below}, we are now firm buddies, and chat about all things writing and blogging. Her blog Agnes and Miller is so lovely, and full of fun things to make and bake, along with whimsical tales of life with her littles. Her photos are super pretty and always make me smile.

I met Beck from Really Pretty Useful at the first Makelight photography workshop I attended last year. Again, we got chatting and really hit it off, and carried on the chatter via twitter. {I do love social media... } Beck was also at the second photography workshop, and it was so lovely to see her again. She's a busy mum of two, and a features editor to boot - I'm so impressed at how she fits everything in! Her blog, Really Pretty Useful is a craft, food and lifestyle blog - I love her recipes and wish I was half as creative in the kitchen. Go, read and be inspired!