The {beautiful} business cards of Alt Summit 2014

Hi, friends. Well, as promised I'm back with another instalment of Alt Summit SLC 2014 news! Before I went to Alt, I had heard heaps about the business cards. It was a recurring theme, and it seemed that at Alt, the business of business cards was taken very seriously indeed. It makes sense really, when you gather folk with a good eye and a passion for design, that they want to reflect this in the little bit of themselves that they pass onto others. I did have a minor heart attack about making mine look super pretty, but in the end I opted for a simple look, a cute little envelope, closed with a bright sticker. I mean, everyone loves a mini envelope, right?

While I didn't chat to every single person present, those I did speak to gave me their cards - and I loved them all! There was such diversity, and it was really interesting to see how each person had expressed themselves and their brand, blog or business on a card. There was a lot of lovely letterpress, a dash of glitter, some beautiful calligraphy, and much more besides. There were also cards which included a little treat, from glitter letters to a needle and thread and even a full set of recipe cards. You can see below just a small selection of the beautiful business cards doing the rounds at Alt.

And here are the handy links to all the lovely blogs and business pictured above:

Caravan shop // Oleander and Palm // The Bannerie // Celine Navarro // The Sweet Escape // A Girl Named PJ // Melissa Esplin // The Broken Bread // Hudson & Emily // The Collaboreat // Things I Should Do // Mastering The Art of Being Me // McCall of the Wild // Laura Harrison Mayes // Snap Happy Mom // From Rain to Shine // A Thousand Threads // Squirrelly Minds // See Jane // Sarah Hearts // Jetsetting Fashionista // One Little Minute // Confetti Sunshine // Style of Sam // Damask Love // Love Grows Design // Amber Housley // Rad Mom Cool Kid // The Road to the Good Life // Stationery Academy // Lulu the Baker

Follow this link for a fun Steller story I wrote, featuring the business cards that made me go 'wow, I wish I'd thought of that!'

Also, a quick shout out to The Brand Stylist, aka Fiona Humberstone. We don't know each other but have lovely friends in common as we're both part of the London blogger's network. Recently launched, The Brand Stylist is the place to visit if you fancy swotting up on all things brand and style. There's also a super handy post all about business cards, so if seeing these Alt cards has inspired you, but you don't know what to do next, do go and read her post!