Gathered Cheer HQ

Hello friends! I thought it would be fun to post a glimpse into my home, and more specifically into the desk where I sit to write, blog and craft. I've been meaning to do this for some time as I've recently given it a bit of an update, but when I saw the British Gas 'bloggers desk landscape' competition on Love Chic Living, I knew I should do it now. Basically because the prospect of having £500 to spend at MADE.COM is a more than a little exciting...

Sadly I don't have any before pictures, as B was far too industrious and started painting before I was able to get in with a camera. We're in a rented property, and the little room at the front was very neutral with beige carpet and magnolia walls. I'm sure you can imagine it. We wanted it to become a space where guests could sleep when they visit, but mainly I wanted somewhere I could sit at a desk and work. As a freelance writer and blogger, the temptation is always to just sit on the bed and work on my laptop - but this wasn't doing great things to my back, plus I find that now it feels more like I'm 'going to work' when I sit down at my desk.

The look I was going for was a desk space that was minimal and ordered, but with space to include little treasures that have caught my eye. I have a bit of a thing for visiting craft markets, and love meeting designer/makers and so I was also keen to display some pretty artwork above my desk. The aim was to create a bright, clean but inspiring desk that left me raring to go each morning.

My home office Pinterest board is full of photos that inspired me as I sought to create a similar deskscape in my own office. The two photos below are two of my favourites:

So using those images a spring board this is what I created:

I feel so at home in this space; it's a desk that is super practical and an area that feels truly 'me'. The long desk is great because if I do decide to do any crafting {spot the mini tester pots of paint!} I can have that at one end and my laptop at the other.

Let me tell you a little about the key pieces in the photo above...

Furniture: All Ikea, I'm afraid. I didn't have much of a budget, so I opted for simple pieces which would fit in the room, since it's very narrow. The tall drawers hold all my crafty bits, and having them has led me to do lots more crafting as all the materials are now so handy. The unit on the right {just seen} is the gorgeous Raskog kitchen trolley. On it sit some of my favourite magazine, on hand for a dash on inspiration for those {inevitable} slower moments. I had my eye on the turquoise one, but grey won out for practicality. My favourite piece is the vintage Eames chair, from Tea & Kate. It's a design classic and super comfortable.

Gallery wall: I've been after a wall full of inspiration and gorgeous prints for a long time. This is definitely a work in progress, but I really like it. The prints all tell a story and each have a special memory attached.

From left to right:Rain cloud blackboard - from Anna Wiscombe. I've met Anna at a few craft fairs and loved all her pretty wooden birds, and this sweet rain cloud was a gift from a kind friend. // "Some days..." print - from katygirldesigns. This print is so poignant. We've had some rough times over the past few years but I'm determined to keep on singing. // Pigeon print  - from Scout Editions. My lovely husband and I have a running joke about pigeons, so this print was perfect. // Pug dog print - from Jo Clark Design. I long to have a pug dog of my very own. Until then I have this gorgeous, illustrated print. // "Let's be adventurers" print - from Fifi du Vie. As you may have gathered, there's a running theme about adventure here on my blog, and now above my desk. It's such a sweet sentiment. // "No place like home" print - from Chatty Nora. This was a gorgeous gift given to me by my best friend. I grew up watching The Wizard of Oz, so this print is really special to me. // "Think of it as an adventure" print - from The Little Chickadee. My most recent print, given to me by B at Christmas. Love it. // Moonrise Kingdom illustration - from Emma Block. Emma is super lovely and super talented, and as soon as I saw this illustration I had to have it. Both me and my husband love this movie! // Bird screen print - from Zeena Shah. As you may have read on here, I learnt how to lino cut and screen print with Zeena, so it's lovely to have one of her gorgeous creations on my wall.

Mini clipboards: I love love these clipboards. Cute and little, I use them to display positive, cheerful messages to leave me inspired and smiling. I try to switch the postcards around every so often, to keep my desk feeling fresh.

Aside from the furniture and prints, I also added some greenery in the shape of a little stem of orange blossom {which smells divine}, and a sweet mini cactus. I love flowers, so having them on my desk is really important to me. Even a tiny stem plucked from the garden brings such joy into the room. Now that my desk make over is complete there's nothing I like more than to sit down, switch on the radio and write. Everything I want is on hand, including my ever-present cup of mint tea. Hurrah. Do you like it? What's your desk like?


Photography // 1. Kristofer Johnsson {styling Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse} via Hitta Hem 2. Charlotte from By Holborn via A Merry Mishap

The rest of the photos are my own.