Book Review: Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill

Happy Sunday, friends. First of all, a big thank you so much for your kind words about my previous post. You've all been so sweet: thank you. Ever since we got married four years ago, B and I have been living in a rented flat. This year we really thought it could be our year to buy a house of our own - but sadly the housing market has continued to spiral out of our reach, and so we're going to be renters for a little while longer. {Maybe next year will be our year?!}

Anyone who has rented before, which let's face it is most of us, knows the ups and the downs that go along with it. It's great if something goes wrong that your landlord then fixes and pays for, but it's not so great when you're faced with a sea of magnolia paint and flatpack furniture.

And this is where Home for Now, by super talented stylist Joanna Thornhill, comes in. I was lucky enough to win this book by entering a Habitat competition on Twitter, what a happy bonus. {You can follow them here, they often do fun giveaways.} Thank you for my prize, Habitat HQ!

Looking at each room of the house, chapter by chapter, Joanna suggests ways that style and personality can be injected into your home. The thread that runs through the whole book is that you can achieve brilliant, personal and unique touches without breaking the bank. For people like us, who pay most of our monthly income out again on rent, this is very good news indeed.

A whole host of homes are used to illustrate the practical points, and there is something for every taste. It was lovely to see the home of Kimberley from Swoonworthy featured, as way back last year she'd posted about a secret shoot with Joanna, giving all the behind the scenes truth from what really goes on during shoots. Having been an assistant on interiors shoots, I definitely agree with everything Kimberley said!

It's not just pretty pictures that inspire in this book, though. The book is peppered with tutorials, from the decorative {such as a homemade jewellery rack using vintage silver spoons}, to the more practical {such as a shelving unit made from an old wooden drawer}. It's clear that Joanna really understands the nature of renting, as the tutorials also include a list of renter's alternatives, for those who have differing house rules that  they need to stick to.

One tutorial I can't wait to try is the decorated drawers. A perfect solution for those who aren't allowed to paint, it instead suggests you cover a drawer unit with pretty paper. We have some drawers I just don't love anymore, they are classic Ikea Malm, and a bit 'meh'. I'm now scouring the shops to find the perfect paper to cover them with.

There were so many other ideas that caught my eye, so I was sure to take notes as I went along. It has definitely given me some great ideas for putting the fabric I've accumulated to good use. A pretty table runner is next on my crafty makes agenda. Having a notebook handy when reading the back section of the book is also a good idea, as it is jam-packed with useful stores and resources. Whether you're looking for paint, vintage furniture or a dose of inspiration, this section is full of top links.

Whether you're in a rented space or your first home - this book is perfect for you. I know I'll keep returning to the book for tips and inspiration for a long while to come!

Home for Now is out to buy now, published by CICO Books. You can also check out more loveliness from Joanna at her blog, Stylist's Own.