Screen Printing with Zeena Shah

Hello friends! You might remember a while back I learnt how to lino cut, with the lovely Zeena Shah. Since then I've definitely grown in confidence when crafting, I've tried my hand at a few more classes and love it! For someone who always thought they were rubbish at art, it's incredibly liberating to have a go, and actually produce things that {I think} are pretty. One craft I hadn't yet tried was screen printing - so when I saw Zeena offered workshops to learn how to do it, I knew I had to join in.

So a few weeks back I returned to Zeena's lovely Shoreditch studio to learn the art of screen printing. Zeena is a fabulous artist, and screen prints all manner of pretty things. {I've got my eye on a cushion called Dot} Once we'd all said hello, Zeena showed us the process of screen printing. She also had a huge pile of gorgeous books on the table, absolutely bursting with inspiration. The process itself is fairly straightforward, and began first with picking a design, drawing it out and then cutting it out.

When I wasn't drawing, cutting or printing, I spent ages wandering around Zeena's studio. Every shelf was full of vintage and inspiring pieces - I especially loved her concertina sewing box.

Zeena Shah screen print studio2

I opted to screen print a tote bag with a simple geometric design on it, since I figured it was best to start off simple with clean lines to cut. So all I had to do was draw my design out and then cut it out using a scalpel.

Zeena Shah screen print my print1
Zeena Shah screen print my print2
Zeena Shah screenprint2
Zeena Shah screen print studio6

We then put the cut-out pieces onto our fabric, popped the screen on top, dolloped ink on the screen and swooshed the squeegee across. And hey presto - a print was made! It was such a fun process, and Zeena was so patient and helpful at answering all our questions, and making sure we knew exactly what we were doing to make a pretty print.

I love this fresh, minty colour so much. For an added pop, after it had dried, I printed a teeny extra triangle in neon pink. Definitely finishes it off, don't you think?

This was my second, more adventurous design. I thought the wild flowers print was so pretty and would be perfect in a bold blue ink. When I came to print it, Zeena helped me print a repeat pattern on the top and bottom of the tea towel. Lovely.

Here are a few of the pieces that were printed on the day - how cute are the jellies and the birds? Love them! {That's my wild flowers tea towel, second from the left}.

Zeena Shah - screenprinted beauties
Zeena Shah - screenprinted teatowel

I actually planned the flowery tea towel with my mum is mind, since it was just before Mother's Day. You can see how I wrapped it up for her below. I used some of Zeena's wonderful wrapping paper, with bright yellow twine and my label maker. Can you tell that I like wrapping presents?!

Zeena Shah screenprint6

If you want to read another lovely account of the fun day we had, head over to read Katy's blog at Apartment Apothecary. And if you want to do it for yourself, sign up for a workshop with Zeena here. Zeena has added a screen print a lampshade class too, which sounds fabulous.