Book Review: Decorate with Flowers by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring

Hello, friends. I've not blogged here since Easter as I've been madly trying to get back into things. These short weeks definitely make working days a lot busier. Now I'm feeling a little more caught up I can finally blog about the most gorgeous book I've been pouring over recently. Written by the fabulous Holly Becker {who is teaching the Blogging Your Way online class I'm currently enrolled in} and Leslie Shewring {check out her blog A Creative Mint for dreamy photos and heaps of colourful inspiration}, Decorate with Flowers {published by Jacqui Small / @JacquiSmallPub} is all at once beautiful, practical and full of inspiring ideas.

The book appealed to me from the off, because its cover was so pretty and light. Definitely a Pinterest worthy shot! Now, I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but when it's this sweet I think it's ok...right? But the real fun comes when you work your way through the chapters inside.

Up front there is a whole host of good advice about what props are handy to have around, how to choose flowers and containers and how to keep blooms looking lovely. There are also easy to follow guides showing how to arrange a small posy, a medium arrangement and a big blousy arrangement.

The book is then split into chapters {including neutral pop, happy brights and coastal}, introduced with a moodboard and some super inspiring keywords. Even if you're not a huge flower fan, the moodboards and photos in each chapter are so full of colour and zing they are a treat to look at.

I was rather quickly drawn to the chapters on pastels & neons and market flowers. With keywords for each look including dynamic, fun, feminine, nostalgic and zesty you can see why I was so drawn to them!

See those flowers washi taped to the wall? What a brilliant idea! Perfect for a special gathering. The floating flowers idea {below} is also lovely. All you need are some pretty blooms, {the lighter the better}, a shallow bowl and water. Simple. Holly also suggests adding floating tea lights for greater impact.

I found that the main attraction of this book is how simple and effective the tutorials are, and all without compromising on style. I often find with floral books that there might be one or two arrangements that I want to attempt myself. With Decorate with Flowers I want to try them all! Just look at the two photos below, both decorative ideas are pretty simple, but look incredible. The Liberty print pots are next on my to-make list...

I was so taken with one of the crafts in the book that I couldn't wait to try it out. The chalky pastel jam jars are a great example of an achievable, but super pretty tutorial. I was given some beautiful roses for Easter, and I'd also recently gathered a few paint sample pots in pretty pastel shades. Since I have an obsession for collecting Bonne Maman jars, I knew I had everything on hand to make these delightful containers.

Et voila - chalky jam jar, made by me in about five minutes {plus drying time}. So simple, using nothing expensive but oh-so-pretty!

I know I'll return to Decorate with Flowers time and again as different seasons, celebrations and occasions come and go. The unfussy, creative approach is so refreshing and it makes for a beautiful, approachable read. Have you read it? What did you think? Let me know! You can read more about the book and sigh over more gorgeous photos, at the Decorate with Flowers website.

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Photography // All via Decorate with Flowers, with the exception of the 6 and 7 which were taken by me.