3 Eggs, 3 Ways

Hello friends! It's nearly Easter - hurrah! This is easily one of my favourite times of the year. Not only is the Easter celebration meaningful and significant in my life and my faith, it's also such a wonderful time to gather with friends and family to celebrate, eat and make memories. As with any special occasion, it's a brilliant time to indulge in a little craft and home decorating. Spring is such a lovely time of year anyway, with the sunshine happily making an appearance, blossom filling the air with a sweet scent and daffodils dancing in gardens up and down the country. Adding a little, simple crafting to this makes the season all the more fun. Since we'll be with family for Easter, I wanted to make some simple decorations so I spent a little while reading some of my favourite blogs seeing which ideas I could have a go at creating myself.

I found three stand out projects, that I just had to try to recreate at home: Pretty patterned Easter eggs at ao at home, Easter table decoration at Apartment Apothecary and Easter eggs in black and white on Craftifair.

1// FLORAL FANCIES - inspired by Pretty patterned Easter eggs at ao at home

Caroline's pretty patterned flowers instantly caught my eye. Delicate florals are perfect for Spring. In the tutorial {link above} Caroline recommends painting the eggs white and using self-adhesive fabric. As I didn't have any of that at home, I used some lovely floral fabric tape I'd recently bought from Tiger. A super simple idea, and so pretty! To make them hanging decorations it would also be really easy to pop a button at the bottom, threading up and through the egg creating a loop at the top. Perfect for a blossom laden branch.

2// MONOCHROME MAGIC - inspired by Easter eggs in black and white on Craftifair

Admittedly not everyone loves florals. I happen to love them, but I love black and white almost as much. So this lovely idea, on Craftifair was perfect for those who want more contemporary Easter decorations. Once again, I had hoped to either buy duck eggs {for their pretty white shells} or paint the eggs white, but time didn't allow for this - so once again I had a go at using monochrome washi tape to recreate the look. To be honest, my attempts aren't brilliant. They would have looked heaps better had I painted them white first, even better had I gone at them with a black sharpie pens in a variety of designs {such as those on the link above}. Still, I loved the idea of these grown up Easter decorations - perfect for any Scandi design lovers out there!

3// EASTER CENTREPIECE - inspired by the Easter table decoration at Apartment Apothecary

Since I met Katy at Zeena's screenprinting workshop, I've basically fallen in love with her pretty instagram feed. Hello Liberty print and gorgeous craft ideas. When her Easter table decoration popped up in my feed I knew I had to give it a go. I followed Katy's tutorial, and used a mix of water and PVA glue to stick the pretty fabric on the top half of the egg box, and then I painted the bottom half and painted the eggs in the same colour. Once dry, I roamed around the garden looking for pretty little blooms to fill the eggs with. I so love this little table centrepiece!

Another eggy shout out should go to Beck at Really Pretty Useful. I so wanted to make my own pretty pastel eggs, but when I couldn't track down any duck eggs {Not even in Waitrose, Crouch End - shock horror!} I had to alter my plans. I'd love to make a dozen of these pastel pretties to hang on a lovely Easter tree.

So, what about you - do you have any plans to get crafty this Easter? I'd love to hear all about it!