What's your coping mechanism?

I was having a lovely lunch with a friend recently and, as expected, the conversation took its usual turns. We chatted about relationships, family and work. amongst other things. Sure enough, we both have a fair bit on our respective plates. But what caught my attention was how differently we handled our own issues and challenges. As I've blogged about before, life has thrown a fair bit of tricky stuff our way of late. For reasons unknown, this past week has felt extra pressurised, with B working super hard, me still freelance job hunting and the house hunt continuing alongside it all. {Admittedly these would still fall squarely under the first world problems banner, but stick with me...}

When thing go awry, and life spirals in ways unexpected how do you tend to handle it? For my friend, she confessed to dosing up on cheesy romcom movies every night before bed - escaping into a gentler world, if only for a couple of hours. And for me, cleaning is my happy place. When life is unpredictable and out of control, I often find myself {even before I realise what I'm doing}, arranging my washi tape and neatening the items in my craft drawers. In a place of chaos, I grasp onto a little bit of control in the way I know best, by trying to create order. It's in these moments that I have an urge to have a big clear out, clean the windows or defrost the freezer. 'Pop psychology' it may seem, but it's fascinating to me nonetheless. Another way I tend to cope is by treating myself to flowers {hence the photo above}. It is perhaps rather telling that our house is somewhat brimming with blooms right now!

Now, obviously these coping mechanisms are always going to be temporary measures, and whatever we're avoiding will need to be dealt with properly at some point. But irrespective of this, I'm sure we all have different things in which we find comfort, when life gets rocky. What are your coping mechanisms? I'd love to hear your thoughts, in the comments section below.