Makelight workshops with Emily Quinton

Hello friends! A couple of weekends back I attended part two of the Makelight workshops, with Emily Quinton from The Start Up Wife. I did part one of the Makelight workshops last year, and since then I've enjoyed pushing myself in my creativity, styling and photography. I've also got to know Emily a bit more and, wow - she is she one talented and inspiring lady! So when a part two course was on the cards, I naturally jumped at the chance.

For the session Emily had brought together the two groups from part one, and it was a pleasure to meet new folk. It was especially nice to finally meet Alyssa from Agnes & Miller in person, since we've been twitter buddies for a little while. Alyssa has posted about the workshop here too, so do go see what she thought and marvel at her amazing prop stash. {I had major prop envy...} I was also chuffed to catch up with Rebecca from Really Pretty Useful and Doris from Interior Novice.

The day was set in the beautiful 63 Sun Studio - think natural skylights, stripped wooden floors, big white walls and heaps of space and you'll have a good idea of the space we had to work with. Emily had also brought lots of delightful props - everything from wooden crates and boards to delicate flowers and milk bottles. The day was so relaxed, and we all had a play at styling our own little vignettes, with Emily on hand to show us what she'd do to take the image from good to great. It's amazing how spending time with others, just having the time to enjoy being a bit creative can lead to so much inspiration. Looking around the room seeing what everyone was up to, what props they'd gravitated towards, and how they were capturing the moment was fascinating.

Emily helped me with a crafty tutorial {which will be up online in due course} and also lots of other little vignettes, some of which I've posted below. I'd love to hear what you think of them!

On any other course, lunch would likely have been a sad sandwich and some crisps, but not so with Makelight. We enjoyed possibly the most beautiful lunch I've ever seen. Everyone had brought something to share. Homemade cakes, rustic bread, fresh salads and fruit all sat side by side - looking as pretty as it was tasty. Needless to say a good portion of the time was spent taking photos of the food, rather than simply eating it! We also laid a lovely party table out, which was a fun way to practice our styling skills. I hope you agree that the results were rather lovely...

Having just looked through all my photos again it's rather clear to see just how much I loved the fabrics Emily brought along. By the super talented Leslie Shewring, the Palos Verde collection is everything I love in a fabric: silky, soft and delicate.

The workshop was such a wonderful opportunity to step out of my daily routine into a fresh space. The pace of the day allowed time for me to be more mindful of what I wanted to capture, and how to do it well. If you fancy joining one of Emily's courses keep an eye on her Makelight website. I think there might even be an online course in the offing - perfect for any non-Londoners!