Breakfast joy with Joules

Hello, friends! It's so lovely to be back to blogging after a mini-break over Christmas and the New Year. As I've been away in Devon for a couple of weeks my lovely friend Ruthie and I had a lot of catching up to do. Naturally, this had to be helped along with some tasty pastries. Recently it dawned on me that despite owning a lovely dining table, more often than not my husband and I end up eating trays, while sat on the sofa. Not so cool. This often means that we're more absorbed in the TV, things are split, clothes ruined etc. So, my aim is to eat more meals at the table - breakfast, lunch and dinner. To that end, this morning's bestie's breakfast catch-up was a great excuse to sit at the table while making the most of my two new Joules pieces - a striped butter dish and matching jug. Aren't they pretty? If you're anything like me, you're already pretty familiar with Joules and their gorgeous clothes - but their homewares is also well-worth a peek. I love their use of bold florals, stripes and generally ace prints. So much pretty.

We were also in luck this morning, as the sun was shining - which made the whole thing feel remarkably like spring had sprung! The pretty yellow roses looked very happy indeed, alongside our breakfast spread of greek yoghurt, blueberries and honey, croissants and fresh orange juice. The cheerful, bold butter dish and jug certainly added an extra level of cheer to the table, too. While I do often adore the minimal, the discreet and the subtle, sometimes I crave bold, beautiful pieces just like these.

Obviously this is a before-shot. {Before the crumbs covered the table, and the croissants mysteriously disappeared...}

Butter {in suitably bold butter dish} - check. Croissant - check. Bonne Maman jam - check. All the key ingredients for a fabulous breakfast. {PS it's good butter, proper nice salted stuff - I don't mess around with these kinds of important decisions.} Handily, the butter dish is dishwasher proof, which means that if you're anything like me and make a mess with butter no matter how carefully you try not to, it's a cinch to clean.

Just look at that sunshine on the roses, the juice and the jug. It's almost like summer. Well, one can dream. You may have gathered but the jug is huge. It's 1.5 litres, which is a lot of juice, and this would certainly save on the countless refills that are usually necessary at parties or lunches. But, a jug this pretty should definitely not just be kept for just parties and lunches. I can't wait to use mine for spring blooms; to bring a touch of happy to any corner of my home.

And, just to prove we did actually eat and drink, here are two brilliant action shots of Ruthie... {I have possibly the largest spot ever seen, so featured in zero photos today!}

It was such a treat for us to sit down together, to chat, eat, enjoy the sunshine and these lovely Joules pretties. I'm hoping we make more time for special moments like these in the year ahead, as it left me feeling so much happier, relaxed and so grateful for wonderful friends like Ruthie!

What about you, do you eat your meals at the table? Do you have 'dates' with your friends? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Joules kindly gave me these products to review on this blog; however the views and opinions are all mine.