Three Inspiring Books

Hello, friends! Well, it's that lull between the joy and excitement of Christmas and the New Year, so I thought a new post was in order! As is often the case in late December, with mere days before we enter 2014, my thoughts have turned to the new year and what it may hold. I've been reading up a bit more about the idea of picking one word for the year, something to hold onto, to grow into and to really chase after. I haven't set upon that elusive word yet, but I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I did receive some super books for Christmas, that are absolutely jam-packed full of creative inspiration. As a crafter/maker/aspiring photographer, these ideas are so precious. While I do sometimes have my own ideas, I'm more likely to spark ideas off someone else's idea. I like this notion, as it reminds me that we're all so much better, more creative and more content, when we live and breathe in community.

Here are three of the books that have happily been added to my shelves:

1: A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book, £12.99 // 2: Making An Impression, £11.99 // 3: Yellow Owl's Little Prints, £10.34

So far I've only had a short flick through each book, but already I feel excited about cracking on with some lovely creative projects. As you may be able to spot 2014 will be a year full of lino-stamping and photo-taking! I know the Little Owl book is actually for kids, but I just love the ideas within the book so I figured it would work for this big kid too...

Have you received any inspiring books for Christmas? Let me know, as I always enjoy finding more sources of inspiration!


{Photos via: 1, 2 and 3}