Homemade Christmas Wreath

I love Christmas. The sparkly lights, family and friends gathering, lots of lovely treats to share together - it's a time full of joy and peace. One thing I've never really done before at Christmas is hang a wreath. Shocking, I know. I always love going all-out on our Christmas tree, but I've never really gone beyond that.

Until this year that is. This year we had a shocking amount of off-cuts from our tree, and it seemed such a waste to just throw them in the compost bin. So I had a little look around Pinterest and Youtube and realised that making a wreath really isn't that hard. Here's what I did...


  • Off-cuts of Christmas tree branches {the bits we lopped off the bottom}
  • Wire {I got my floral wire at Wilkinsons very cheap}
  • Any decoration you like {I used mini toadstools from Tiger and wired pinecones from Wilkinsons}
  • Oasis wreath {again, I got mine at Wilkinsons for £3 - bargain}
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A hoover for all the mess you'll make...

It is so simple, that I won't do a step by step with photos. Seriously, if I can do it, you can. All you need to do is chop your branches into shorter stems, around 4-5 inches long. Lay them all out so they are handy. Now, I think you're supposed to soak the oasis before using, but I didn't do this. Oops. I'll just spray it instead and hope it doesn't go dry too soon!

Working in one direction simply grab the stems and push into the wire, fanning them out a bit as you go. I tended to put one in pointing towards the left, one next to it pointing up and one in pointing towards the right, to ensure an even spread and to give it a nice bushy shape. Once you've gone all the way around the ring step back and take a look. Chop off any straggly bits and fill in anywhere that looks a bit sparse. You're aiming for an even spread, all the way around the ring.

Once it's looking nice and full, it's time to decorate. I opted for a very simple cluster of toadstools and pinecones. Both of these came pre-wired, so my job was even easier. {Lazy, me?!} All I needed to do was poke them into the oasis where I wanted them. Using the idea that 'things look better in threes' I popped one pinecone in, and three toadstools nearby. And repeated on the opposite side. Simple!

To hang the wreath, just loop some wire around the ring and secure by wrapping the wire around itself. Then tie a length of ribbon onto the wire. Step back and admire your work. Hurrah!

May your days be merry and bright.