Magazine Review: Uppercase

This is the first in a new series of posts, celebrating print magazines. I don't know how you feel about magazines, but I have always loved to indulge in them, and always fin them to be full of inspiration. Choosing just one magazine to pledge allegiance to is hard... as a teen I devoured Fast Forward, Just 17, Smash Hits; I moved onto glossy women's lifestyle magazines as I got older, but now I want something more. Something fresh. Inviting. Inspiring.

So that brings me nicely to my first post in this series about magazines I love; Uppercase magazine.

Edited {and designed and published!} by Janine Vangool, who I've followed on instagram for a little while now, Uppercase is billed as a magazine 'for the creative and curious'.

It's not cheap, costing £14/$18 - but for a magazine that is full of brilliant interviews with creative minds, news on upcoming design trends and pretty pretty pictures, it is well worth it. If you are anything like me you appreciate good quality and attention to detail - and this magazine prioritises both of these with great success.

Every page is like a scrap book of beautiful details, inspiration and typography - oh the typography. So so dreamy. I can't even fathom the skill that goes into graphic design of this sort {I appreciate design, but really am rather inept when it comes to my own design skills} - it is such a joy to read.

The current issue {18, out now} is 'on collage, assemblage and holding it all together'. Here are a few snaps to give you a flavour of some of my chosen highlights:

{1: Cover art / 2: A magazine for the creative and curious / 3: Two pages dedicated to chairs of all sorts. Gets my vote / 4: Inspiring interview with Jonah of Atelier Takagi / 4: A creative challenge for readers to assemble their own artifacts}

Another page I didn't photograph, but which was all kinds of amazing was the A-Z of sticky things {including opaline, quagmire and taffy}. Brilliant!

What I love most about this magazine is that it requires time and attention to fully enjoy it. So often I pick up a magazine, browse a blog, read a paper and find my mind wandering {my attention span sometimes resembles that of a small child}. But Uppercase is different. It is full of words and pictures that invite you to dwell on them a while, as it ignites your mind with fresh inspiration. Setting time aside to read it is a joy.

If you like design, are in the slightest bit curious or creative then you should most definitely track down a copy of Uppercase. You won't regret it!