Selina Lake's Homemade & Vintage Summer Fete

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope you have a lovely weekend. We've had a super weekend with friends and family - and of course we watch Andy Murray win Wimbledon! There was lots of cheering in our house as he secured his victory. I wanted to tell you all about a brilliant fete I popped along to last Saturday -  Selina Lake's homemade & vintage summer fete. She hosted a similar event {a book launch for her new book, Pretty Pastel Style} a few months back, but sadly I was poorly so couldn't make it. Needless to say, I was ever so excited to be able to go to this one, and I'd saved up some money so I could get a few little treats. I was full of cold {isn't it typical?} but I was determined to make the most of the day. It was so lovely to meet the stallholders - many of whom I already followed on twitter, and who make and sell the prettiest of things.

Rather than waffle on too long, I thought I'd let my photos tell you about the day...


Bodie & Fou {sadly, I didn't get many photos of this gorgeous stall}. But check them out online! I have my eye on that wire storage basket...


Abby Monroe Design - I was so enamoured with these beautiful, gentle designs. How gorgeous is this porcelain platter?


Ali Miller - here's a close up of the well-known set, as featured on Sherlock. Well, if it's good enough for Bendict...! I just love how unique and fun these designs are.


Anna Wiscombe - having seen Anna's beautiful work at Spitalfields recently it was lovely to see her again. Just look how cute those birds are - that set of three flying birds is a must-buy! I've also got my eye on this rainy day chalkboard - it would look so cool in my kitchen.


There were pretty little details everywhere I looked! Just look how cute that jar is, decorated with washi tape and ribbon!


Folly & Glee - such stunning lampshades!


Little a Designs - such pretty, intricate handcrafted brooches, hair accessories and wall decorations - oh to be able to embroider like that!


Mabel and Bird - I've had my eye on an Ollie owl from Mabel and Bird for ages, and finally I was able to get one! All their items are super cute and so fun. Sadly these photos don't show you the full range, but look online to see all the other screen-printed delights.


Winter's Moon - This stall really stood out for me, with the fab, bright colours and amazing vintage picks.Every piece looked like it had a story to tell and was so appealing. The coffee set {to the left of the photo} really caught my eye, but sadly I couldn't splash out on a new set. {Although now I know it's online, it's still tempting me...}


Megan Alice England - these screen printed beauties are great - check out those pencil cases. And this card is rather appropriate for the weekend I've just had!


Rosehip Paper & Home - I briefly saw Silkie at Pulse London when I went earlier in the year, but as it was a trade show I didn't get to treat myself to any of her bright, stunning stationary. This time, I remedied that and got a few sheets of wrap and some gift tags too. I suspect it won't be the last I buy - this shop is bookmarked for many future gifts!


Selina Lake's book signing stall - you can see all the books Selina has written here - so so pretty!

Vintage Style Living - hands down one of the prettiest stalls, laden with vintage treats! They also hire out all manner of item {big and small} so they are well worth checking out. That dresser is all kinds of amazing.


Wild Willow Flowers - this stall was a mix of pretty vintage homewares, great items, and stunning flowers. I made the most of my last £5 and got a peony, a couple of scabiosa and some flowering mint - such an effective combination that I've enjoyed all week long.


Stacks of pretty china for sale


Classic suitcases are always a good idea.


Cakey Bakes Cakes were serving all manner of delicious treats. And check out the photo below - that is all edible. Amazing, right?


My little purchases: a Mabel and Bird Ollie owl, some Rosehip wrap and tage, a pretty little jug {only £1!}, some cake forks, MT tape {anything in yellow gets my vote} and some little postcards and badges from the Homes and Antiques magazine stand.

Roll on the next fete! If you want to read some other great posts about it, and see some stunning photos {way better than my amateur effort} check out Little AMademoiselle Poirot, Pano p'ra Mangas and  Sally Crane Photography.